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New site!!!: DRMLG.ORG
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2009__Asian American National Championship in Vegas

Team AthElite of Vancouver wins 2009 Asian American National Championship

WED 9/16 (11:00AM) -- Here's the feed from

Aman Heran the easy choice for MVP as he carried Team AthElite in the 3rd qtr.
...Jimmy Miyasaka (leading scorer) DNP mid-2nd qtr til end due to cramping.
Billy Hoffman and Drew Bryant 15 pts each, Mike Lai 9 reb, but Dae Han just 9 pts 5 reb and...
Andy Khaila added 15 pts 6 reb 3 blk for Team AthElite.
Aman Heran 25 pts, 16 of them in the 3rd qtr, 6 reb in Team AthElite's champ win over Taiwan Center.
Ryan Cabaynot 15 pts, Tyrone Cole 8 reb, Charlie Torres 12 pts 9 reb in the semi loss for VVDC.
Jimmy Miyasaka 15 pts, Dae Han 14 pts, Mike Lai 6 reb 2 blk in Taiwan Center's win over VVDC.
Jerry Sims 14 pts 0-for-4 treys 9 reb 1 blk 5 to, Jessie Gonzalez 11 pts for the Yay.
Aman Heran 16 pts, Rick Brar 17 pts in Team AthElite's semi win over The Yay.
...Jay Bussey 13 pts 6 reb 3 blk in the loss for Hawaii.
John Lane 16 pts 8 ast but was ejected with 4:00 left for unsportsmanlike conduct and Hawaii down 44-50...
Charlie Torres 20 pts, Ryan Cabaynot 12 pts in VVDC's qtr win over Hawaii Chosen Few.
Nic Echevestre 14 pts 8 reb, Ryan Cruz 13 pts in the loss for DLBE.
Jimmy Miyasaka 19 pts, Dae Han 19 pts 7 reb in Taiwan Center's qtr win over Dream League Bay/East.
Nikko Nunagawa 28 pts 3 blk, Mihn Van 20 pts 7 reb 3 ast, Craig Chang 21 pts for Arizona in the loss.
Jerry Sims 31 pts 5-for-9 treys, Jessie Gonzalez 15 pts, Juan Bidinger 11 pts 6 reb 4 ast in Yay's qtr win over AZDJ.
Ryan Mateo 16 pts, Angelo Siutoung 14 pts 9 reb, Dominic Ballesteros 10 pts 9 reb for Shootout.
Nikko Nunagawa 18 pts 8 reb 3 blk, Mihn Van 13 pts 4 ast, Michael Chou 13 pts 6 reb in AZDJ's play-in def of Shootout.
Oops, I actually already posted stats from Saturday's pool play. Let's do Sunday's playoff games now...
JoJo Pierce 21 pts 15 reb 3 ast but just 8-for-13 fts, Ryan Mateo just 3-for-12 fg for Shootout.
Jimmy Miyasaka 22 pts 5-for-10 treys 7 reb 3 ast, Drew Bryant 19 pts 7-for-7 fg 4-for-4 treys in Taiwan Ctr's pool win over Shootout.
Time for some stats from this past weekend's Asian American National Championship!...
Championship: #4 Team AthElite 68, #6 Taiwan Center 58... Team AthElite of Vancouver wins Asian American National Championship!
Quarter: #7 VVDC 56, #2 Hawaii Chosen Few 47
Semi: #6 Taiwan Center 59, #7 VVDC 53
Semi: #4 Team AthElite 58, #1 The Yay 49
Quarter: #6 Taiwan Center 61, Dream League Bay/East 53
Quarter: #6 Taiwan Center, #3 Dream League Bay/East
Quarter: #4 Team AthElite 2, #5 CIB 0 (FFT)
Quarter: #1 The Yay 86, #8 Arizona 77
Play-in: #8 Arizona 66, #9 Shootout 50
330pm Championship
2pm Semifinal: Winner-#3/#6 vs Winner-#7/#2
1pm Semifinal: Winner-#5/#4 at Winner-#9/#8/#1
12pm #7 VVDC vs #2 Hawaii Chosen Few
11am #6 Taiwan Center vs #3 Dream League Bay/East
10am #5 CIB (Fresno/SJ) at #4 Team AthElite... IndoPak vs IndoPak matchup!
9am Winner-#9/#8 vs #1 The Yay
8am #9 Shootout/Stockton vs #8 Arizona Desert Jade
#1 The Yay (2-0)... Best record
#2 Hawaii Chosen Few (1-0)... As discussed on website only the one AANC matchup (win over Team AthElite)
#3 Dream League Bay/East (2-1) +12... This was their record from LVI
#3 Dream League Bay/East (2-1) +12
#4 Team AthElite (2-1) +10
#5 CIB (1-1) +8... Swaps with TWC (see TWC), setting up IndoPak vs IndoPak matchup
#6 Taiwan Center (1-1) +19... Better pt diff than CIB but swaps with CIB bec TWC already played vs Team AthElite in pool
#7 VVDC (1-1) -15
#8 Arizona Desert Jade (1-2) +11... This was their record from LVI
#9 Shootout/Stockton (1-2) -24 point differential
Here are the seeds for tomorrow, counting down...
Kideok Kwon trey with 0:09 to tie game that eventually went into OT.
Hawaii came back from 6 down under a minute to send into overtime over Team AthElite. Sheldon Uyeda trey, John Lane stole inbounds, ...
Hawaii Chosen Few 69, Team AthElite 64... John Lane 17 pts 9 ast, Jay Bussey 18 pts, Aman Heran (TA) 17 pts 6 ast, Rick Brar 17 pts 8 reb.
Elimination Game: Shootout 74, PacRim 64... Ryan Mateo 28 pts, Seve Nocon 19 pts, Martin Santos and Anthony Nocon (PR) 15 pts.
The Yay 51, CIB 49... Erick Velez and Jerry Sims 15 pts, Gary Sidhu (CIB) 16 pts.
Team AthElite 57, Taiwan Center 56... Aman Heran 18 pts (all in 2nd half), Larry Tieu (TWC) 16 pts, Dae Han (TWC) 15 pts.
VVDC 88, PacRim 83... Ryan Cabuynot 24 pts, Martin Santos 19 pts (PacRim).
Team AthElite 57, Shootout/Stockton 43... Balanced scoring for AthElite.
The Yay 66, VVDC 43... No stats for this one, sorry.
CIB 57, PacRim 44... Paul Phangureh 25 pts, Lai Gill 10 reb, Gary Sidhu 10 pts 10 reb 3 blk.
JoJo Pierce 22 pts 15 reb, Ryan Mateo 12 pts but 4-for-13 fg for Shootout in the loss.
Taiwan Center 82, Shootout/Stockton 52... Jimmy Miyasaka 21 pts 5 treys 7 reb, Billy Hoffman 13 pts 7 reb, Drew Bryant 18 pts 7-for-7 fg.
Here are the scores from Dream League's AANC.
...Wooree wins LVI champ for 2nd straight year.
Here are some more LVI results: Mpls def Tigers, Wooree beats DLBA by 1 pt, Wooree beats Mpls by 6 pts...
Wooree Litech defeats Norcal Hoopaholics in a blowout.
Minneapolis Lakers beat Alpine Striders (LA) by 8. Dream League Bay Area beat Arizona Desert Jade by 3.
Here at the LVI. So far the LA Tigers beat SF Rebels by 15...
All games at Johnson Middle School. Enter through he back of the gym. See you 9am Sat!
Now... we move onto this weekend's Asian American National Championship!

Tournament schedule up, all at Johnson

NOTE: Friends/family, get near-real-time scores and developments (txt msg'd to cellphones if registered Twitter user!) via

THU 9/10 (8:30AM) -- Good news on the financial issues, guys. Looks like my spreadsheet inadvertently gave too much to the refs, so that has been corrected and things are not as bad, meaning I feel okay about bringing champ t-shirts. It's still not great, but just not as "dire" or what have you. Thanks and sorry about that. I'm glad we will def have t-shirts though.

WED 9/9 (10:15PM) -- Both Sat and Sun are locked down at Johnson. There will be no Doolittle entering the picture... (3:00PM) -- I've just been txtd by my gym liaison that we're having all our games at Johnson Middle School, which is 7701 Ducharme Avenue (near freeways at least). I have no idea why the change and I think I'd rather not know. I'm just as flabbergasted as you. I have made the changes below to the schedule table.

WED 9/9 (2:15PM) -- I just ran the financials for this year's tourney. It's almost not worth it for me (or my gym liaison) to run this tourney. Next year, I will have to charge $500 per team, flat. Sorry. I'm just warning you far ahead in advance. I don't think you will find a better venue (Vegas) nor the level of comp. We can even go cash prize if you wanna go $600. I put a Q&A about finances below in the list of Q&A if you wanna read the detail.

Per the financial issues, I will not have any championship t-shirts this year. I hope you understand. There will, however, still be a team trophy. I think we're all there for pride, though, if I can harken back to my days as a player.

WED 9/9 (1:00PM) -- How could I forget to mention this?! Daniel Rosen, freelance writer from DIME Magazine, will be on hand to watch your games!

WED 9/9 (12:00PM) -- The tournament schedule table has been posted below. However, there is one caveat. We might go back to Doolittle (DCC) which is our bread-and-butter gym for the past several years, for Saturday -- and DCC closes at 5pm, so we would go back to the mock schedule involving DCC that I posted initially way way below in my posts. But here goes, check the gym address and pool assignments on the right side. Also click the previous posted issues for an explanation of our gym situation, as well as "sort of" scouting reports (yeah!)...

Jump down to previously posted issues pertaining to schedule

NOTE: Please ignore the "Div", "pref1" and "pref2" columns as those are for league play only

Sat 9/129:00amJMSPool Y: Taiwan Center (LA) vs Shootout/Stockton
Sat 9/1210:00amJMSPool X: CIB Dream Team (SJ/Fresno) vs PacRim (LA)
Sat 9/1211:00amJMSPool X: The Yay (SF) vs VVDC (LA)
Sat 9/1212:00pmJMSPool Y: Shootout/Stockton vs Team AthElite (Vancouver)
Sat 9/121:00pmJMSPool X: Loser-CIB Dream Team (SJ/Fresno)/PacRim (LA) vs Loser The Yay (SF)/VVDC (LA)
Sat 9/122:00pmJMSPool Y: Team AthElite (Vancouver) vs Taiwan Center (LA)
Sat 9/123:00pmJMSPool X: Winner-CIB Dream Team (SJ/Fresno)/PacRim (LA) vs Winner-The Yay (SF)/VVDC (LA)
Sat 9/124:00pmJMSSurvival Game: 7th vs 6th
Sat 9/125:00pmJMSPool Y: Hawaii Chosen Few vs Y#1
Sun 9/138:00amJMSPlay-in: #9 vs #8
Sun 9/139:00amJMSQuarter: Winner-#9/#8 vs #1
Sun 9/1310:00amJMSQuarter: #5 at #4
Sun 9/1311:00amJMSQuarter: #6 at #3
Sun 9/1312:00pmJMSQuarter: #7 at #2
Sun 9/131:00pmJMSSemifinals: Winner-#5/#4 at Winner-#1/#8/#9
Sun 9/132:00pmJMSSemifinals: Winner-#3/#6 at Winner-#7/#2
Sun 9/133:00pmJMS30-MINUTE BREAK
Sun 9/133:30pmJMSChamp: Winners of Semifinals

NOTE: Games in bold cannot be swapped or otherwise moved or changed.



Johnson Middle School ("JMS")
7701 Ducharme Avenue
Las Vegas, NV

Link to Google Map of Johnson Middle School

Swainston Middle School ("SMSN")
3500 W. Gilmore Ave
North Las Vegas, NV

Doolittle Community Center
1950 N. J Street
Las Vegas, NV

X1 - CIB Dream Team
X2 - PacRim
X3 - The Yay

Y1 - Taiwan Center
Y2 - Shootout/Stockton
Y3 - Team AthElite

Hawaii Chosen Few (plays 1 AANC gm Sat)
Arizona Desert Jade
Dream League Bay East

Gym situation Q&A

WED 9/9 (2:30PM) -- Added the financial Q&A below... (12:30PM) -- Added scouting reports below... (12:15PM) -- Here are some Q&A's which might help understand why the gym situation always seems unsettled...
  • You just said it's almost not worth it for you to run this tourney, and took away the t-shirts. Why didn't you figure this out earlier? Because, as you'll read below, gyms are a dicey situation in Vegas, nobody wanted to commit very early on, and yeah I could've started planning earlier but if you know me, you know I always got a million basketball-related things on my plate -- but don't skirt your portion of the responsibility either, cuz you guys are not necessarily the quickest people to commit money either. So, in Vegas, I'm always dealing with moving targets. And I didn't want to shock you with a $500 price tag out of the gate, since last year it was something like $320 early-bird, $360 late-bird. And admit it, I've been very kind to the teams playing in LVI, knowing they had to pay LVI's exorbitant rates (look at LVI's tax return on, they have six digits in the bank). You know I've been really kind to you. Look, running Asian tourneys is not something to get rich off of (unless you are LVI which has 200 teams it can draw revenue from), no matter how hard my gym liaison wants me to price gouge my own people, and many of you know that by running tourneys yourself, but I have always been about providing something better than what's out there and BEING FAIR. In LVI, you get 3 games only. You lose the first, you can't win it. You lose two in a row, you're out. All for $500 early-bird, $600 late. I always thought those prices were outrageous, so I made mine more affordable. I can't really do that anymore. Starting next year, I have to feel like it's worth it for me to deal with all the inevitable whining about refs or what have you, for me to plan this and go through all the stresses. And I would like to introduce a cash prize, which would bump up the fee further. Glad you let me share my pain and you can now feel it.

  • Why don't we know if we have DCC or not for Saturday? First off, I'd prefer DCC because we have always played there in the past and it's a nice facility, and it's slightly cheaper than anywhere else. The problem is, we do not have priority there. The local organizations do, and right now there appears to be a massive reservation in the database. Things at this facility are not always the most organized, so we might still be able to get in. Incidentally my gym liaison used to work at DCC so he knows the ins and outs.

  • Why not DCC for Sunday? Two years ago the city vehemently closed all city facilities on Sundays, which means there are no exceptions to that. Our gym liaison (remember, he worked at DCC) could not even open it to shoot around with his friends. So, if you run a tourney in Vegas and you must have it on a Sunday, then you have do the dance. Which is why I hired our gym liaison.

  • Why "SMSN" and what does that stand for anyway? It stands for "Swainston Middle School (North Las Vegas)". This is just one of the places our gym liaison can get.

  • Why not other gyms you've used in the past? Last year's facility, El Dorado, raised it's prices to ridiculous heights, but it didn't have aircon anyways, so see ya. Heinrich YMCA is always re-doing its floors around Labor Day and the floor polish has to take over a week to settle -- I don't know how we were able to do our tourney there that one year. Centennial Hills Y, where we had the 6'2" tourney last week, is a little out of the way esp. from DCC (if we were to have DCC), and it's more expensive. Tarkanian is ridiculously expensive. UNLV was do-able, but you have to reserve that like 1-2 months ahead of time -- I will try this next year, but you guys gotta put your down payments in early too. However, every gym has its ups and downs. Even UNLV's drawback is that the courts are kinda smaller, yet it's right there on the Strip.

  • Why start so early? Same thing. He who owns the keys to the gym is king. The king told us 9am start, so we start at 9am. He also said be out by 4:30pm Sunday. There's no negotiation for that possible.

  • Why do the winners of Pool X have to play so much later on than the losers? Because the losers might be the #6 or #7 seed, which need to play later, so I need the losers of Pool X to play earlier so as to avoid a back-to-back before the #7 vs #6 knockout game.

  • Why the pools the way they are? Well, Taiwan Center needed certain times (they took the spot for team "Y1") and so did Hawaii due to players in the LVI. Team AthElite paid early and requested the "Y3" spot. Plus I already explained the reasoning for splitting the teams up the way they are in a previous post (read below).

  • Why does the winner of #8 vs #9 play back-to-back on Sunday morning? First of all, the king of the gym said we have to leave the gym by 4:30pm, so we have to start the first game at 8:00AM, no choice. Secondly, I am forcing the #8 vs #9 winner to play back-to-back because otherwise, they would have a first-round advantage over the #1 seed by being warm and having already played a game. I wrote about this in an earlier post. So to counter that advantage, I give them the disadvantage of playing back-to-back. As such, I never really like to have more than 8 teams on Sunday in any tourney I run because I think that's the most fair. But this time, we have no choice but to have 9 teams on Sunday, due to the structure and gym time limitations.

  • What are the tiebreakers in seeding for Sunday, point differential? We go by the NFL standard: (1) win-loss record (duh), (2) head-to-head (whenever possible), (3) overall point differential whereby blowouts are capped at 20 (since a 30-point win, to me, is no different than a 20-point win and trying to add points beyond 20 degrades the game), (3) point differental in games won (this is the NFL's "strength-of-victory" rule), and (4) points accrued in games won (again, an interpretation of "strength of victory". If it goes beyond this, I'd probably go with "strength-of-loss", then the NFL's "strength of schedule" (meaning how strong your opponents were) -- I'd have to come up with something concrete on the fly though -- then coin flip is final resort. Actually, if it came down to some tiebreaker involving my team that got really really complicated, i.e., beyond the 4th tiebreaker, I would just have my team lose the tiebreaker seeding to avoid controversy.

  • Why does one side of the semifinal only get a 30-minute break? First, I'm not sure that this is necessarily a disadvantage because the winner of the other side of the semifinal would have to wait 1.5 hours and sometimes they get "cold". Secondly, I'm not willing to pay for an expensive one hour of dead gym time, so I'll limit it to 30 minutes and I gotta pick one side of the bracket to have only 30 minutes break. That will be the #2 seed side, as opposed to the #1 seed side.

  • How are the pools "fair"? Everything's pretty fair because only one team gets knocked out, out of the 7 (not including Hawaii) on Saturday. Here's how I justify automatically advancing Hawaii, Arizona, and DLBE. Hawaii: previous champion. Arizona: coming from LVI, what other choice is there? DLBE: same thing as Arizona, plus it's my team (the "host" team, although my players are poor "hosts" as they never volunteer to scorekeep or anything!).

  • Any scouting reports or how about those rankings? Yeah, I'm really sorry, I just don't have time to do the rankings. I'm kinda waiting till our new website is up, so maybe that will be 2013 in conjunction with the new Bay Bridge (haha j/k!). Anyways, the only info I have is this...

    X1 - CIB Dream Team: Paul Phangureh's team plus you'd expect some bigs from the IndoPak Cali circuit, which is predominantly from Fresno area. Other than that, don't know much. You'd also expect them to bring more guns than their last appearance, which only had 6 guys.

    X2 - PacRim: Probably no changes, which means the standard Big Three of Mario Thompson at pg, Kevin Krose the offensive rebounding machine, and someone else I'm probably forgetting (oops!).

    X3 - The Yay: The runnin' and gunnin' posse from SF. Jerry Sims has really been playing great lately. However, the rest of their team relies a lot on treys, so it kinda depends if pf Erick Velez is on or not. Not sure if they have any new blood coming in.

    X4 - VVDC: The rebuild of former national champ LA Showtime, led by Lance Convento. I think I saw a few recognizable names on their roster, which I won't post here because I didn't ask anybody else for their rosters so we'll keep it all incognito for everyone. The one notable was Sean Odou, who I call the Dirk Nowitski of Asian ball.

    Y1 - Taiwan Center: Sorry to say this, but I didn't really get a chance to see them a whole lot at our LA Showcase tourney. I know that 6'4" Dae Han is a solid center and Drew Bryant can get hot from anywhere on the court.

    Y2 - Shootout/Stockton: Same old same old, plus probably have Lebanese National team player guard Omar Krayem, who tore up Wooree Litech in the LA Showcase championship for 42 pts, albeit in defeat. JoJo Pierce at strong forward and TJ Hawkins at center, with shooters surrounded. They are older now and more mature, and most importantly, healthy (I think). Look out.

    Y3 - Team AthElite: Leader pg/sg Aman Heran is bringing his weapons this time around after dipping the toe in the water last year. Problem is, I don't really know anything about the other names, so we'll just have to see. These guys have been winning tough IndoPak tourneys of late and I think they come into AANC on a roll. IndoPak teams typically have a huge center and very tall guys who can hit the three. The hardest find for them, which is the opposite of most Asian teams, is the ballhandling/versatility position, which Heran covers.

    LVI - Hawaii Chosen Few: Missing three starters such as wide-body but trey-gunner Kekoa Ng and 6'8" Leandro Maruoka. However,they still have the Asian ball Chris Paul in John Lane.

    LVI - Arizona Desert Jade: You know they added 6'6" Nikko Nunogawa from Phoenix All-Star and LA Showcase, but now they add 6'7" Marco Quinto (google him). Solid backcourt. Maybe even add Fruity Brooks, whom they lost to the Minneapolis Lakers of the LVI, for the Sunday morning games, maybe not.

    LVI - Dream League Bay East: Very depleted. Power forward and KG-ish inspirational leader Sunny Margate broke his hand two weeks ago in a car accident, then backup up-and-comer Thomas Fang dislocated his shoulder, leaving the team with one guy over 6'0": Kai Hopton from the Chicago Dragons, who is actually an LVI replacement for Jason Cassier (out of town for a wedding), who was supposed to bring his Dallas Public Enemy team and whom you may have seen playing with my Chinese team at the LA Showcase. DL teams don't normally bring in imports to the dreamleague operations in the Bay and NYC, but Hopton is sorely needed for Sunday (he wasn't supposed to play much Sunday). DLBE also adds Nic Echevestre, who plays in DLNY and last made an appearance for DLBE in '07 AANC and '08 LA Showcase. A lot of words for a lot of depletion, I know.

  • Anything else I missed, have your captain text me. Sorry, I can't publish my number here. You'll just have to get it from your captain.
Also, I will henceforth put all broadcast messages on the Twitter feed.

Saturday schedule slightly altered

WED 9/9 (2:15AM) -- Looks like we might not get Doolittle Comm Ctr (DCC) on Sat. I'm trying to sort out all the confusion. My liaison to the gyms needs to give me an explanation. Anyways, if not DCC, then we are relegated to probably this middle school called Swainston (I'll abbreviate it "SMSN") in North Las Vegas, but even though it sounds in the boonies, it's actually only 10 minutes away from DCC (north, of course). However, it's only one gym. So, we would have to insert that one game (see previous schedule structure below) back into the schedule, which would result in this...

9/12 9:00AM SMSN Pool Y: Y1 vs Y2
9/12 10:00AM SMSN Pool X: X1 vs X2
9/12 11:00AM SMSN Pool X: X3 vs X4
9/12 12:00PM SMSN Pool Y: Y2 vs Y3
9/12 1:00PM SMSN Pool X: Loser-X1/X2 vs Loser X3/X4
9/12 2:00PM SMSN Pool Y: Y3 vs Y1
9/12 3:00PM SMSN Pool X: Winner-X1/X2 vs Winner-X3/X4
9/12 4:00PM SMSN #7 vs #6
9/12 5:00PM SMSN Pool Y: Hawaii vs Y#1

I've already asked about start times with my gym liaison and he says we must start at 9am on Sat and 8:30am on Sun. With Sunday being only at one gym (the same SMSN, I believe), that leaves us with a 8:30am-4pm set for the Elite Eight single-elim playoff bracket on Sunday, 4 quarterfinals at 830,930,1030,1130a, then semis at 1230p and 130p, then 30-minute break and championship at 3p.

Taiwan Center has already claimed Y1 above and Team AthElite Y3, which actually fits into the pools I wanted, as follows:
  • Pool X: CIB Dream Team, PacRim, The Yay, VVDC
  • Pool Y: Taiwan Center, Shootout/Stockton, Team AthElite
  • Not really in a pool, but will play Pool Y top team: Hawaii Chosen Few
  • Joining us on Sunday automatically in the Elite Eight: Arizona Desert Jade, Dream League Bay East
These groupings were primarily made to avoid certain teams from facing each other, such as...
  • PacRim, VVDC, and Taiwan Center see a lot of each other in LA
  • The Yay was in the same pool as PacRim and Stockton last year, although they haven't met since
  • CIB and AthElite are the only IndoPak teams, so I just wanted to separate them
I actually think Pool Y is, on paper, stronger than Pool X, but it really doesn't matter because of the #7 vs #6 game. That's where the team that went 0-2 in Pool Y plays against the team that went 0-2 from Pool X. Since only one team is eliminated from contention on Sunday, that should give all teams ample chance to avoid being that one team.

Alright, so now it's just a matter of figuring out Pool X, but hint hint, everything's already listed in order. I don't want to publish the final schedule yet since my gym liaison doesn't have final answers (which is very irritating to me, yes). I really like the setup we got, plus Hawaii will definitely be on time at the 5pm, which got pushed out from 4pm since we are now only using one gym.

Need your feedback

FRI 9/4 (2:00PM) -- Figure out a way not to have back-to-back on Saturday for the teams that will finish #6 and #7 and need to play each other for survival onto Sunday. See new schedule below, old one is crossed out... (1:00PM) -- Been ultra-busy getting the 6'2" and Under tourney ready this weekend, and what I did on that website was push all the signup info down on the page so we could sort of start fresh. Unfortunately right now we're having problems with our website whereby it's better to just put EVERYTHING about the tourney onto one page.

So anyways, without further adieu, I need your feedback (read on). Here's what we got for next weekend: 8 teams followed by my team and Arizona joining Sunday after playing in the LVI tourney Fri-Sat, in no particular order (actually it's kinda sorta listed in order of paid teams)...

Team AthElite (BC)
CIB Dream Team (SJ/Fresno)
Taiwan Center (LA)
PacRim (LA)
The Yay (SF)
- - - - -
Hawaii Chosen Few
Dream League Bay East
Arizona Desert Jade

And here's what I think the schedule will look like -- good news is, we got Doolittle secured for Sat again!...

9/12 9:00AM Pool Y: Y1 vs Y2 -- GYM OPENS AT 9AM
9/12 10:00AM Pool X: X1 vs X2, Pool X: X3 vs X4 in the other gym simultaneously
9/12 11:00AM Pool Y: Y2 vs Y3
9/12 12:00PM Pool X: Loser-X1/X2 vs Loser X3/X4
9/12 1:00PM Pool Y: Y3 vs Y1
9/12 2:00PM Pool X: Winner-X1/X2 vs Winner-X3/X4 -- WINNERS WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE #6 OR #7
9/12 3:00PM #7 vs #6
9/12 4:00PM Pool Y: Hawaii vs Y#1 -- HAWAII MUST PLAY AT 4P, GYM CLOSES AT 5P

9/12 9:00AM Pool Y: Y1 vs Y2 -- GYM OPENS AT 9AM
9/12 10:00AM Pool X: X1 vs X2
9/12 11:00AM Pool X: X3 vs X4
9/12 12:00PM Pool Y: Y2 vs Y3
9/12 1:00PM Pool X: Winner-X1/X2 vs Winner-X3/X4 -- Losers play in aux gym
9/12 2:00PM Pool Y: Y3 vs Y1
9/12 3:00PM #7 vs #6
9/12 4:00PM Pool Y: Hawaii vs Y#1 -- GYM CLOSES AT 5PM

Read on for why I partitioned off Hawaii with DLBE and AZDJ in the LVI, even though Hawaii is not playing in the LVI per se (a few of their players are). Here are some restrictions we are dealing with...
  • Hawaii wants to play Fri nite because their guys are playing LVI at the same time, which has 1 game Fri and 2 games Sat. However, I haven't found a team that wants to or can play Fri nite. We pulled this off two years ago by having the local Vegas Aces play Hawaii Fri nite, which the Aces won in double OT btw, but the Aces are out this year and have a hard time getting guys off work as it is (they all work at casinos). Therefore, Hawaii will play ONE game Saturday at 4pm.

  • As such, Hawaii will finish either 1-0 or 0-1 in pool play. Sounds ridiculous, but trust me, it's better to have them in the tournament than not. I'm going to make an executive decision right now and say that 1-0 is not better than 2-0 and 0-2 is worse than 0-1. So at the end of Saturday and depending on the results of teams DLBE and AZDJ -- who ironically play against each other Fri nite to start off LVI -- we will have at least 2 teams undefeated (remember, if DLBE or AZDJ wins the LVI, then they would have gone 3-0 by Saturday). We will have at least 2 teams at 0-2. Therefore, Hawaii cannot finish higher than a #3 seed nor lower than #5 out of the 7 teams in the top part listed above. For Sunday's 9 teams (read on), that would translate into no higher than #3 seed and no lower than #7.

  • I never liked having more than 8 teams on Sunday. Ironically it has to do with that Hawaii vs Vegas Aces game two years ago. So the Aces went onto have like the #2 seed. My team came in at #7 after going 1-2 in LVI and we whipped the #10 seed, then got an hour rest, then we were kinda already warm and we beat the Aces. I felt we had an advantage over the Aces in that we were warm and had some chemistry going. However, for me to have 8 teams on Sunday this weekend, I would have to eliminate 2 teams, which requires at least 2 more games. I'm not sure how I'd fit elimination game #2 into the schedule above. Also, by having elimination game #2, that means there will be a team that has played 4 games in one day. I don't like to do that either unless absolutely necessary. Therefore: we will have #7 vs #6 (out of the 7 non-LVI teams) at 3p since I need Hawaii at 4p anyways,...

  • ...and as such, Hawaii will play against the top seed from the 3-team pool, which not only helps in Sunday season but is also a BONUS (woohoo!) game for the top seed in the 3-team pool and...

  • ...the winner of #7 vs #6 will play against the worst remaining seed including DLBE and AZDJ (e.g., 0-2 or 1-2) on Sunday morning as a play-in game, for the right to face #1 (note: #6 and #7 was out of 7 teams, now we are talking about 10 teams with Hawaii, DLBE, and AZDJ added, so this is indeed the worst remaining seed to play #1), and...

  • ...the winner of this play-in game Sunday morning will play back-to-back against the #1 seed. This negates the advantage I talked about above. Let me put it this way: if you go 0-2 in your first two games (or 1-2 in the LVI), you are gonna be facing a really tough road to the championship.

  • So in case you didn't notice, for Sat we'll have one pool with four teams and another with three. The winner-plays-winner and loser-plays-loser strategy with the 4-team pool will really help flesh out the four teams there. The other pool is simply 3-team round-robin. Add Hawaii, a former champion so yeah I suppose they are exempt from becoming #6 or #7, to the 3-team pool by playing the #1 team out of that pool.

  • Finally, I will now try and figure out who goes in what pool for the 7 non-LVI-affected teams on Saturday. I know that Stockton, The Yay, and PacRim all played each other in pool last year, but that was 12 months ago. I know that VVDC, PacRim, and Taiwan Center are all coming from LA and see each other a lot. And it would be nice to have the two IndoPak teams be in separate pools, although I doubt they've played each other much.
Any issues pertaining to any of the above, captains know how to reach me (txt msg on my cell!). For example, did I miss anything? Anything that might come up as not fair?

asian american national championship dreamleague logo

Asian Am. National Champ.

SAT SEP 12 - SUN SEP 13, 2009

PRICE AFTER AUG 23, 2009: $400 per team
Fri Sep 4, 2009

More info on entry fees and registering

Register Team Here

(1) Goto our REGISTRATION page and enter your team's profile
(2) Use drop-down menu below to select your team's division
(3) Click on Buy Now button to pay $120 deposit (no refunds)
(4) Receive follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for $160 or $200
(5) Pay Invoice by tipoff of first game, otherwise forfeit


Rev 2: thru 8/30/08
Rev 1: thru 7/10/08


01 02 PHI PacRim/Jcksnv
02 08 PHI Stockton Bllr
03 06 IPB NJ/CA SoormyF
04 07 JPN Hawaii Ch.Few
05 NR CHN Seattle Blade
06 NR IPB NY D-Unit
07 NR PHI LA Freestyle
08 NR CHN Arizona DJade
09 04 J/C NorCal Hoopa
10 03 IPB Maryland 5P
11 09 ALL DL Bay East
12 NR PHI Toronto 25FL
13 NR PHI Chicago Rambo
14 NR IPB Dallas Bandit
15 NR IPB Chicago Untch
16 05 PHI Wizards (SF)
17 NR PHI Toronto PIBNA


ALL any/all Asian
CHN Chinese
C/V Chinese/Vietnamese
IPB IndoPak
J/C Japanese/Chinese
JPN Japanese
KOR Korean
PHI Filipino
VIE Vietnamese

Asian American basketball has been dominated by three great pillars of amateur hoop: the near-80-year existence of the Japanese/Chinese leagues in California, the IndoPak national tournament circuit, and each major cities' Filipino population. This explains why you will see some "C/J", "IPB", and "PHI" teams listed in our rankings.

Other codes
CR = Current ranking
R1 = Current ranking thru Rev1
PR = Previous Ranking
ETH = Ethnicity of team

Since our previous ranking, we have changed the formula so that only teams with champs in a major dreamleague-recognized tourney make this list. Here are other factors:

- Number of championships
- How recent the championship
- Strength of tourney field
- Final4 geographic diversity
- Number of semifinal+ finishes
- Recent head-to-head results
- Appearances in tourneys
- Champs beyond past year

Pretty straightforward, almost list-based. The rankings are not that scientific and took me under an hour after I had the list of winners. Let me know if I missed any worthy tournaments!

Next Tier

Here are some previous championship teams that are noticeably absent of a championship in the past 12 months...

- California Shockwaves (IPB)
- Tigers Blue (LA, J/C)
- Las Vegas Aces (PHI)
- Dallas Bandits (IPB)
- LA Showtime (PHI)

Jump down to team profiles


NABA Detroit (8/31)
PIBNA Ottawa (8/31)
Toronto IndoPak (8/24)
1. New York D-Unit
2. Toronto Khalsa
3t. NJ/CA Soormay Franchise
3t. Vancouver Westcoast
Delano Filipino (7/27)
1. Freestyle/PacRim (LA)
2. Southbay Shootout
3. Carson City
Chicago IndoPak (7/20)
1. Maryland Five Pillars
2. Toronto Khalsa
3t. Dallas Bandits
3t. NJ/CA Soormay Franchise
Toronto Unity Asian (7/5)
1. Toronto 25-for-Life
2. Toronto Kagers
3. Chicago Rambonewz
LA Tigers Asian (5/27)
1. PacRim Sports (LA)
2. Tigers Blue (LA)
3t. Hawaii Chosen Few
3t. Wooree Litech (LA)
NACBAIT Chinese (5/27)
1. Seattle Bladerunners
2. Arizona Desert Jade
3t. NY Cruisers
3t. Maximum Output (NY)
Vegas Filipino Regional (5/27)
1. Shootout/Stockton
2. Las Vegas Aces
JPN/CHN Sacto Barons (5/3)
1. Norcal Hoopaholics
2. Dream League Bay Area
3t. Tigers Red (LA)
3t. Wildcatz (SF)
Wash DC IndoPak (4/13)
1. CA/NJ Soormay Franchise
2. Maryland Five Pillars
3t. California Shockwaves (LA)
3t. New York D-Unit
LA Showcase (3/2)
1. Shootout/Stockton
2. PacRim Sports (LA)
3t. Dream League Bay East
3t. East Bay Cardinals
Chicago Fil-Asian (2/2)
1. Chicago Rambonewz
2. Maximum Output (Atlanta)
3. Manuel (Chicago)
Florida Indo-Pak (1/20)
1. Dallas Bandits
2. Toronto Flight
3t. Vancouver Westcoast
3t. Atlanta Dirty South
Gotham Games Asian (12/16/07)
1. CA/NJ Soormay Franchise
2. Philly F.A.Y.
3t. Dream League Bay Area
3t. New York D-Unit
Gold Rush SF Asian (12/9/07)
1. Dream League Bay Area
2. Up In Smoke (Oakland)
3t. Southbay Shootout
3t. Hotshots (Hayward)
Fairfield Fil-Asian (12/2/07)
1. Wizards (SF)
2. Bay Area HEADS
3t. Shootout/Stockton
3t. Dream League Bay Area
Dallas IndoPak (10/7/07)
1. Chicago Untouchables
2. Oklahoma City Flight
3t. Dallas Bandits
3t. Dallas Showtime
dreamleague AANC (9/9/07)
1. Hawaii Chosen Few
2. Dream League Bay East
3t. Shootout (Norcal)
3t. Uptempo (Hayward)
JPN/CHN LVI (9/8/07)
1. Arizona Desert Jade
2. Norcal Hoopaholics
3t. Tigers Red (LA)
3t. Alpine Striders (LA)
PIBNA Filipino (9/2/07)
1. Jacksonville
NABA Toronto (9/2/07)
1. Toronto
2. Detroit
3. Staten Island (NY)

Invited Teams

Confirmed in bold

3GS (LA)
Arizona Desert Jade
Bomb Squad (SF)
Cali Franchise (Fresno)
California Shockwaves
Central Cali Cagers
*Chicago Rambonewz
*Chicago Indo-Pak teams
Dallas Bandits
*Dallas Public Enemy
Davis Dynasty
Dream League Bay Area
Dream League East (NYC)
East Bay Cardinals (Oakland)
Fo'Show (Seattle)
Hawaii Chosen Few
Hotshots (Hayward)
Houston Underdogs
LA Blaze
LA Freestyle
Las Vegas Aces
Maryland Five Pillars
*Norcal Hoopaholics
NY Cruisers
NY D-Unit
PacRim Sports (LA)
Runningunz -- BANNED
San Diego 619ers
*Seattle Bladerunners
South Bay LA
Taiwan Center (LA)
The Yay (SF)
Team KAYA (Dallas/Kansas)
Uptempo (Hayward)
Vancouver TBA/WC/FP
VVDC (LA) (fka LA Showtime)
Wizards (SF)

* - has not played in any dreamleague tourney before

COMMISH'S NOTES: (8/4) Here we go again! Another Elite Asian team to be crowned champion. Here's a list of past winners...
  • 2008: PacRim Dream Team (LA)
  • 2007: Hawaii Chosen Few
  • 2006: LA Showtime
  • 2005: Southbay Shootout
  • 2005 (April): California Shockwaves
My oh my, are our rankings outdated! Let's see, off the top of my head, here are some developments since last AANC'08...
  • INDO-PAK: I believe NJ/Cali Soormay Franchise won a couple, and so did Maryland Five Pillars. New York D-Unit just won Chicago.
  • FILIPINO: NY Cruisers won PIBNA regional, Shootout/Stockton won Vegas regional, Southbay LA won Delano regional.
  • JAPANESE/CHINESE: Wooree Litech won LVI'08, Alpine won Sacto regional, Hawaii Chosen Few won Tigers regional, Seattle Bladerunners won Chinese National.
  • ASIAN: PacRim obviously won AANC'08, Dream League Bay Area won New York national, Wooree Litech won LA regional.
I'll work on updating the rankings, but I pretty much just listed the top ten. I guess I'm gonna hafta give a few bonus points to the previous AANC winners, haha! I mean, like, is Hawaii Chosen Few back?! But anyways, looks like Wooree Litech is mentioned at least more than once so I think they and probably NJ/Cali Soormay Franchise of IndoPak fame have got to be the top two teams in Asian bball right now.

ASIAN-AMERICAN TOURNEY: This means all participants must be of at least 25% of any of the nations represented by the Asian Games, which include the following ethnicities, among others: Arab-American, Indian/Pakistani, Pacific Islander, in additional to other Asian ethnicities.

DATES: Sat Sep 12 thru Sun Sep 13, 2009 (6pm Championship, best to budget a flight back no earlier than 10pm)

COST: $360 early-bird on or before Sun Aug 23, $400 after Sun Aug 23, 2009. A non-refundable deposit of $200 guarantees your team's spot. Once you make the deposit, await a follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for the remainder of the balance, which will be either $160 or $200 depending on when you made the deposit. You must pay the remaining balance before tipoff of your first game, otherwise you will forfeit that game.


FORMAT: First off, NBA-style format. As always, dreamleague prefers to run a pool play on Saturday followed by no more than an Elite Eight single-elimination playoff on Sunday.

- 1ST PREFERENCE: UNLV Student Wellness & Recreation Center
- 2ND PREFERENCE: Any of the myriad of gyms and rec ctrs we have had in the past!

HOTEL(S): We recommend your first check the following to book your stay:,'s Best Value ratings, very affordable house rental on (Vegas site), and We may also be able to secure $50/nite group rates at Palace Station, email me if interested.

AIRFARE: remains the best place to find fares, with referrals to Virgin Airlines, which has cheap tickets. Southwest is another option, but fares are already creeping up sharply, more expensive than those you can find on However, if you book on Southwest and something happens, you can reclaim your Southwest credit on a future flight with no fees or penalties. Most other airlines do not allow this, or if they do, they charge a huge change fee of $75.

However, there is an alternative solution. Check for any people near you who have expiring credit on Southwest that they can't use. You can usually get a pretty good discount through this route.

It's also been written that airfares tend to go down about 2 weeks before departure, but Kayak and can give you a better picture of airfare trends.

Finally, last year we mentioned a bus service called Megabus for $30-50 one-way. Well, they stopped that line due to low ridership, despite positive reviews, and refocused on the East Coast. Too bad.

RENTAL CARS: Again, rules. Another place that has comparable rates is, but actually Hotwire's published rates are base rates, whereas Kayak already factors in taxes. It turns out that Kayak shows more bottom-line results than Hotwire. Kayak will redirect you to book good rates with the actual rental car company, whereas Hotwire is reselling reservations pre-booked at bulk rates. They both come out to about the same, if not Hotwire higher, so you might as well book direct via Kayak and accrue rental car membership points (you cannot accrue points through Hotwire).

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Btw, this is a work-in-progress FAQ. Send your questions to and we'll post them here. Keep checking back for new additions.

How long have you been running tournaments and what formats have you used in the past? We started running tournaments in Vegas starting in 2004. Since then it has grown each and every year:
How many teams will you limit the field to? I don't think I want more than 9. If the list goes past 9, then I'd probably ask those teams to play in our Summer Vegas Tourney (Competitive division) the week before and earn a bid in 2008 by winning that one. In fact, I wouldn't mind if we only had maybe five or six teams, have a nice pool play, then have the LVI champion and other LVI strong teams we are close with join us on Sunday for the Elite Eight and Final Four. However, I'd be hard pressed to limit the field like that, so maybe 8 or 9 teams would be ideal. This tourney is supposed to be the cream of the crop. Thus far, the list of probables on the right reflects that.

How will you integrate any teams from LVI? Good question. It all depends on what happens in LVI on Sat 9/12/09. If the champion of LVI plays in AANC, then we would probably reserve a Final Four spot for them and whittle the AANC field down to three, thereby allowing AANC to work with a multiple of three instead of the traditional NCAA Elite Eight to Final Four bracket. I'll be a busy man on Saturday evening. Teams from last year will know that I called captains as late as midnight, trying to figure things out. But everyone knows to be ready as early as 9:00am on Sunday.

Please explain the non-refundable deposit thing in more detail. It's actually pretty simple. If your team pays the non-refundable deposit, which guarantees your team a spot in the tourney, on or before the final deadline to make a deposit, then you will end up paying the early-bird entry fee. If your team is unable to commit on or before the early-bird deadline and someone on your team pays the non-refundable deposit after the early-bird deadline, then you will end up paying the full, non-early-bird entry fee. After you pay the deposit, we will send you a follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for the remaining balance. The final deadline for the deposit is the Friday before the Monday before the tournament; this helps us plan for gym space in advance, makes it better for teams who are interested to see who's committed, and helps you encourage your teammates to make an earlier commitment to your team.

What's the forfeit thing? Real simple: if by tipoff of your first game at the tourney, you do not pay the remaining balance after your deposit, your team will be forfeited on the spot.

My team is traveling from all the way across the country and we're paying up the butt on airfare. Can you cut us a deal on the team entry fees? It all depends on what team you have, how many teams are already signed up, and what the final gym costs will be. But if you are coming from a great distance and thereby enhancing our tournament a bit, we're happy to try and figure something out.

NOTE: the following has not been updated since 2008. I will update asap...

TEAM PROFILES: Well, here it is. Everything I know about these teams. Now, we've been doing this for 3 years and not everybody will be able to make it, but one of these days, every currently ranked championship team will make it and our claim of this being an Asian American National Championship will be that much more legit.

The other thing is, I know about the dominant Vancouver IndoPak teams. I know about the tough competition in Hawaii. I know about other Asian or Filipino teams on the East Coast. The problem is, you have to get out of your local element and go somewhere outside your area at least an hour flight away for you to have a shot at being recognized here. I realize that finances can be a problem. However, if your team is that good, then you should be able to find a sponsor or an elder, show them this website, and be represented in Vegas. Tony Parker couldn't become a champion unless he left France, right?

Btw, you might catch some more details about certain teams the Dream League Bay Area All-Star traveling tournament team has played against by reading some of the All-Stars Team Journal.


email: info(at)dreamleague(dot)org
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