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New site!!!: DRMLG.ORG
Poor Man's Commish

New site!!!: DRMLG.ORG
Poor Man's Commish

2009_Summer Las Vegas Tourney

Delano Killa Beez win 6'2" championship

WED 9/16 (11:00AM) -- Also, Motion of LA won the Masters. Here's the feed from

MVP for the Tourney goes to James Mamauag for carrying DLB through the comebacks.
MOP for Championship goes to Larry Kerchner for stepping up when the stage called.
MVP of Masters goes to... center Larry Wills (#49), who was consistent down low and late throughout.
Darrell Baladad 11 pts 5-for-13 fg off bench for Filcom. Tip of the hat to Baladad and Bustos as tourney's best Sixth Men.
Ryan San Juan 18 pts but 7-for-18 fg 5-for-13 treys 4 ast, Rodney Campbell 13 pts 4-for-11 fg, AJ Samson 10 pts just 3-for-13 fg 7 reb 4 ast
James Mamauag 14 pts 8-for-11 ft, Eddie Bustos 12 pts 8 reb off bench, Jared Luque only 1-for-9 fg for DKB.
Larry Kerchner 29 pts 12-for-23 fg 3-for-7 treys 9 reb 1 blk to lead DKB in champ over Filcom.
Rodel Andres 15 pts 5-for-14 fg, James Maldonado 10 pts 8 reb, Juan Bidinger just 2-for-12 fg for Hyphy.
Eddie Bustos 13 pts 7 reb off bench, Jared Luque 15 pts 5-for-9 fg 2 blk, James Mamauag 13 pts in DKB's semi win over Hyphy.
Rodel Andres 18 pts nearly matched total output of VideoSonic (lost 20-41) in Hyphy's qtrfinal win.
Sonny Barba 16 pts but 3-for-10 fg 9-for-13 ft 5 reb, Anthony Nocon 10 pts 3-for-11 fg 4-for-10 ft 8 reb, Paris Dumailang 11 pts for LBH.
...Samson 9-for-11 ft 8 reb, but San Juan only 1 reb 1 ast 1 stl, Lum just 7-for-12 ft.
Rodney Campbell 15 pts 7-for-8 ft. Ryan San Juan, AJ Samson, and Rich Lum all with 11 pts...
Charlie Farber 25 pts 8-for-15 field 8-for-8 ft 8 reb 3 ast 4 blk, Niko Okiyama 11 pts 5 reb 4 ast, Adi Antonio 11 pts 4 ast for LVP.
Jared Luque 13 pts 2 blk, Larry Kerchner 13 pts but 5-for-17 field 9 reb 6 ast 5 to, for DKB.
James Mamauag 35 pts 4-for-9 treys 5-for-6 ft 10 reb 0 to in DKB's 76-75 thriller over LV Playhouse.
Davis Shu 13 pts, Will Han 25 pts for the Pineapples.
Anthony Nocon 12 pts, Paris Dumailang 23 pts in LB Hitmen qtfinal win over Pineapples.
Mike Kim 13 pts 10 reb 6 ast, Cecil Gorch 19 pts, Mike Hyun 13 pts only 3-for-14 treys, Jin Park 1-for-9 fg 8-for-8 ft for Rivals.
Ryan San Juan 20 pts 8 reb, Rich Lum 14 pts 7 reb, AJ Samson 11 reb 2 blk, Daryl Baladad 12 pts for Filcom qtr win over Rivals.
Once again, congrats to Motion (LA) for winning the Masters div and the Delano Killa Beez for winning the 6'2".
Let's take a look at some stats from this past Sunday's 6'2" quarterfinals thru championship!
DKB 72-65 final over Filcom
Larry Kerchner two huge treys! DKB 71-63 29.3 sec remaining.
DKB 55-51 as we head into 4th
DKB 42-41 over Filcom at half
DKB 38-34 2:00 left 2nd qtr
Tryes by Rod Campbell and AJ Samson cut lead to 32-28
DKB up 32-22 2nd qtr
DKB vs Filcom in championship
DKB 74-46 over Hyphy
DKB up 56-44 w 5:58 left
LB Hitmen 67, Pineapples 64 (OT)
Hyphy 41, VideoSonic 20
Filcom 59, LB Hitmen 55 (final)
44-50 w 2:00 to go, filcom up
CLear path foul on Petra Pream results in 49-40 deficit for LBH
Filcom in ctrl all game but its now 43-40 over LBH
Again i'll have details soon, Hyphy also beat VideoSonic to advance vs killa beez
LBH Is tired. They said they beat Pineapples by 4 in OT.
Filcom 14-13 after 1 qtr over LBH
...then Kerchner got fouled on ground on attempt by LVP to use a foul, but refs said in act of shooting, Kerchner FT 74-75 setup Luque hero.
Prior to that, Farber blocked shot on Jaemar Mamauag seemed to seal deal 75-73, but Amodia missed ill-advised trey other end...
I believe that was the only lead DKB had all game. Kerchner at line, missed FT, Luque putback made it 76-75.
Rod Amodio hits side of backboard with 1 sec left, rebound Darick Sorrano of DKB, DKB wins!
Wow! DKB up 76-75 w 4.8 left. Hafta explain later.
0:53 left, LVP 75-73 on Fsrber FTs
8-0 run by DKB ties it up at 73-73! Trey by James Mamauag, trey by Jared Luque, tip in by Larry Kerchner.
2:00 to go, LVP 73-65 over DKB
So it's #7 Filcom vs $6 LB Hitmen on one side of the Final Four.
Looks like LB Hitmen beat Pineapples as they have entered gym. I'll get details later.
Niko Okiyama trey at buzzer for LVP 69-55 lead into 4th, Charlie Farber 14 pts 3rd qtr
LVP 42-36 over DKB at half
James Mamauag leads DKB to 32-29 comeback score
LV Playhouse out to a 23-15 start
Filcom wins 74-60 over Rivals
Rich Lum has broken the game open for Filcom. 68-57 2:30 left
5:24 left Filcom up 61-52
54-50 Filcom as we head to 4th
Darly Baladad providing more sparks off bench for Filcom, he did that 2nd qtr too
Rivals 10-0 run to start 3rd.
Rivals comeback to cut halftime lead to 37-42. Jin Park 6-for-6 FTs capitalize on Filcom fouls.
Ryan San Juan killed w 10 pts 1st qtr for Filcom
Filcom 27, Rivals 15 after 1 qtr
Filcom off to a 19-8 lead on Rivals.
Let's see if I can pull off some realtime updates...
Mike Teeravatya 10 pts amongst 10 players on LB Hitmen who scored, in their win over Trybe. No one with more than 7 pts for Trybe.
Mike Hyun 16 pts, Jin Park 15 pts in the Rivals' win over the Pineapples. Will Han 21 pts in defeat.
James Mamauag 14 pts in Delano Killa Beez' win over Lifted. Allen (no last name listed) 23 pts in defeat.
Mike Hyun 22 pts in the Rivals' win over Delano Killa Beez. James Mamauag 14 pts in defeat.
Larry Wills 26 pts in Motion's win over Tri-State InvAsian. Dave Wong 17 pts in the loss.
Jason Vongdara 19 pts, Alfred Kwong 17 pts in Dream's win over Commissioners. Bino (no last name listed) 22 pts in defeat.
Dave Wong, Arif Ansari, and Hoon Cho all with 13 pts in Tri-State InvAsian's win over Dream. Alfred Kwong 21 pts in the loss.
Derek Felipe and Larry Wills 22 pts, Joven Williams 16 pts in Motion's win over Commissioners. Larry Kerchner 17 pts, Eldris Estevez 15 pts.
... Eric Nguyen 12 pts in the loss for Lifted
Jordan De Guzman 24 pts, Rodel (forgot his last name) 18 pts in Hyphy's win over Lifted. Allen (no last name listed) 34 pts, ...
Somthy Muikrathok 31 pts, Vic Jacobs 17 pts in Trybe's win over Allies. Nick 23 pts, Randy 15 pts (no last names listed) in defeat.
Will Han 15 pts in the Pineapples' win over VideoSonic. Vaa Nomaaea 11 pts in the loss.
Larry Kerchner 16 pts in the Delano Killa Beez' win over VideoSonic. Max Hooks 11 pts in defeat.
Charlie Farber 24 pts in LV Playhouse's win over the Delano Allies. Nick (no last name listed) 18 pts in defeat.
Rich Lum 15 pts in Filcom's win over Lifted. Allen and Garrett (no last name listed) 18 pts apiece in the loss.
AJ Samson 22 pts in Filcom's win over Hyphy. Rodel (I forgot his last name) 20 pts in defeat.
Sonny Barba 15 pts in LB Hitmen's win over Delano Allies. Nick (no last name of scoresheet) 19 pts in the loss.
Max Hooks 24 pts, Virgil Ecoffey 19 pts in VideoSonic's win over Motion. Joven Williams 23 pts, Larry Wills 14 pts in the loss.
... Somthy Muikrathok 15 pts in the loss for Trybe.
Ryan San Juan 16 pts, Rich Lum 13 pts, BJ San Juan key defensive plays in Filcom's win over Trybe. Abdul Munasan 16 pts, ...
Charlie Farber 22 pts in Playhouse's win over LB Hitmen. Anthony Nocon 16 pts in the loss.
Here are some leading scorers from Saturday's action...
#1 LV Playhouse (2-0), +27
#2 Rivals (2-0), +9
#3 Pineapples (1-1), +10
#4 Hyphy (1-1), +5
Why 5th seed? Well, my thinking was,if you won Masters and ur about to try 6'2", you better be able to beat the worst-seeded 6'2" team. (?)
#5 Motion (2-0), champion from Masters division given automatic 5th seed.
#6 Long Beach Hitmen (1-1), +3
Fyi, that was the first time we had to go an extra level of "strength of victory" tiebreak, which we borrow from the NFL.
#7 Filcom (1-1), +1, tied +9 pt diff in victory (tied DKB), 73 pts scores in victory (beat DKB's 61)
#8 Delano Killa Beez (1-1), +1, tied +9 pt diff in victory (tied Filcom), 61 pts scored in victory (lost to Filcom's 73)
#9 Lifted (1-1), -6
#10 Trybe (1-1), -14
#11 Delano Allies (0-2), -16
#12 VideoSonic (0-2) -20 pt diff
Here's how we got the seeds, from #12 to #1
10am aux gym: #12 videosonic vs #4 hyphy
10am main gym: #8 delano killa beez vs #1 lv playhouse
9am aux gym: #6 long beach hitmen vs #3 pineapples
9am main gym: #7 filcom vs #2 rivals
The following is tmrw's lineup of games...
#7 filcom 66, trybe 62 (ot)
#8 delano killa beez 66, #9 lifted 54
#12 videosonic 58, #5 motion 54
Masters/Fun: dream 49, commissioners 48
#6 long beach hitmen 57, #11 delano allies 51
6'2": filcom 73, hyphy 64
6'2": trybe 67, allies 61
6'2": lv playhouse 62, long beach hitmen 45
6'2": hyphy 72, lifted 58
6'2": rivals 57, delano killa beez 49
6'2": pineapples 63, videosonic 52
Masters/Fun: motion 72, commissioners 65
Masters/Fun: tristate invasian 51, dream 42
6'2": long beach hitmen 56, trybe 36
6'2": lv playhouse 66, delano allies 56
6'2": rivals 50, pineapples 49
6'2": delano killa beez 61, videosonic 52
Looks like we are well resourced here at Centennial! Little Dumpling said they would even deliver to me at the gym!
They got $6 lunch specials and it looks great. Btw there's also a Subway and Taco Bell but you wudnt be dumb enuf to pass this up 4 those!
OMG fellas, I just had some Lo Mein at Little Dumpling, which is across the parking lot from Target, which is across the str fr CentennialY. ask them to go ahead and let you in early. C u in the morning and don't forget to bring the $ you owe thx!
Auxiliary gym will be on your left, Main gym on your right. I'll be there at 730a but I'm not sure they'll let you in. I will try...
When you enter the facility, if anyone asks, tell em you're with the tourney and proceed left down the hall. Gyms at end of hall.
GYM: Centennial Hills YMCA, 6601 N.Buffalo, Las Vegas. At the exit fr the fwy, there's 2 offramps that veer right. Take the 2nd one.
...cuz right now starts the Vegas tourney action!
Live from Vegas!... Sorry Bay Area league folks, but you'll have to take a break from this twitter feed this wknd...

All games moved to Centennial Hills YMCA


FRI 9/4 (11:00AM) -- Because 2 or 3 of the older Killa Beez are playing on the Commissioners Masters squad, we did this...
  • Forced the 11am CHYM game to be VideoSonic's 2nd game
  • Forced the 12pm CHYX game to Delano KillaBeez' 2nd game
That means if you are the Pineapples or Rivals, please find out from the scorekeeper in the CHYM who won Killa Beez vs VideoSonic so you can figure out if you matchup with VideoSonic at 11am or Killa Beez at 12pm.

THU 9/3 (4:00PM) -- So I checked out Centennial today and it's real nice. Just need to make sure we get the scoreboard setup on time and they fix two ripped nets, but other than that we should be good. Here are a few more things of note...
  • We will be on a strict timeframe there. We reserve the right to run the clock to catchup. As with all dreamleague leagues and tourneys, we will only allow a maximum 2-minute warmup time. We suggest that you shoot around during timeouts of the previous game in which you are waiting. I will alert the refs to be lenient on that since I know a 2:00 pre-game shootaround sucks, but please be aware that refs can be a little anal sometimes. At least whatever happens, everyone will be in the same boat.

  • There may or may not be a shotclock available. If not, we will TRY to have our scorekeeper countdown when there is approximately seven seconds. It's supposed to be 24-sec shotclock, but the whole point is so that teams don't stall. The head ref refuses to have his refs countdown like we do back in league play in Bay when our shotclocks are out. Bottom line: we're trying our best with shotclock. As long as there is no team intentionally stalling, I think we have to be happy. On Sunday playoffs, since I'll be there for 80% of the games, you can feel rest assured that Sunday will go more smoothly with me there more.

  • Unless the ONLINE WAIVER (lefthand navigation panel) is inputted or previously inputted at a previous tournament for any particular player, captains must assume responsibility for those players. Let me give you an example. Let's say you are the captain of your team. You have a hothead teammate who gets ejected, knocks over a trash can, which then cracks a window. Unfortunately your teammate did not enter his information on the ONLINE WAIVER. Guess what, you are now responsible for his actions. You (not him) need to pay for that window to be repaired, since we only have your name and phone number.

  • Please come by the scorer's table at the break between the 3rd and 4th quarters to fill out the next game's scoresheet. This gets us started and ending at the right time.
WED 9/2 (6:30PM) -- I've moved all the games from A/C-less El Dorado to Centennial Hills YMCA. I have texted all the captains and will call them if I don't receive a txt confirmation back by tonight. The changes are reflected in the schedule table below. Here are the immediate pros and cons...
  • UPDATE THU 9/3 (8:00AM): LV Playhouse changed its name to LV Playhouse. Also, the captain of Lifted was at Centennial Hills YMCA two weeks ago for a high school thing. He said the place is immaculate and the drive is not that bad, either.

  • On the one hand we get A/C. On the other hand, we need to drive a bit further, and this time it's a ways west and way up north. On the other hand, it's a brand new facility. Yet on the other hand, for the teams that don't finish 2-0, it may be too far to drive back to the Strip (assuming that's near where you're staying), then drive all the way back. Again, we just have to kind of pick our poison. It wasn't like El Dorado was right on the Strip either, as it was about 20 minutes with no freeway access to the east.

  • Centennial is forcing us to start at 9am on Sunday, so the Elite Eight teams on Sunday must wake up early yet again. I suggest pretending you're on Eastern time -- oops, Tri-State InvAsian of New Jersey is already on Eastern time; lucky them!

  • If anyone needs a wakeup call, I'm happy to do it. Seriously. Heck, I may need one myself. It's a half-hour drive, mostly no freeway access, from where I'm staying (southwest Vegas).

  • Thus far, it's a verbal contract and I will sign papers tomorrow morning, but I'll keep you posted here on this website once I've signed. Sorry for all these changes, but if you consider that Vegas is really just a gigantic grid of streets, you'll soon realize that it kinda doesn't matter where we play, all accessible and somewhat still-affordable gyms (i.e., there's nothing near the Strip) is still 20 minutes from the Strip.

  • Oh btw, I've decided to go with 3 refs for the semis and championship.

  • None of the Saturday tipoff times have been changed.
Jump down to previous posts...

9/58:00amCHYM6'2"Pool X: Delano Killa Beez vs VideoSonic (LV)
9/59:00amCHYM6'2"Pool Y: LV Playhouse vs Delano Allies
9/510:00amCHYM6'2"Pool Z: Filcom (Hayward) vs Lifted (LA)
9/511:00amCHYM6'2"Pool X: VideoSonic (LV) vs Pine/Riv
9/512:00pmCHYM6'2"Pool Z: Lifted (LA) vs Hyphy (SF)
9/51:00pmCHYM6'2"Pool Y: Loser-VSel/Alli vs Loser-Tryb/LBH
9/52:00pmCHYM6'2"Pool Z: Hyphy (SF) vs Filcom (Hayward)
9/53:00pmCHYM6'2"Play-in: #9 at #8
9/54:00pmCHYM6'2"Play-in: #12 at #5
9/55:00pmCHYM6'2"Play-in: #11 at #6 (NEEDS TO INVOLVE HYPHY)
9/58:00amCHYX6'2"Pool X: Pineapples (SJ/LA) vs Rivals (LA)
9/59:00amCHYX6'2"Pool Y: Trybe (Oakland) vs Long Beach Hitmen
9/510:00amCHYXFUNPool W: Tri-State InvAsian (NJ) at Dream (Oakland)
9/511:00amCHYXFUNPool W: Commissioners (SF/LV) at Motion (LA)
9/512:00pmCHYX6'2"Pool X: Delano Killa Beez vs Pine/Riv
9/51:00pmCHYX6'2"Pool Y: Winner-VSel/Alli vs Winner-Tryb/LBH
9/52:00pmCHYXFUNPool W: Winner-TSIA/Drm vs Winner-Comm/Motn
9/53:00pmCHYXFUNPool W: Loser-TSIA/Drm vs Loser-Comm/Motn
9/54:00pmCHYX6'2"Play-in: #10 at #7
9/69:00amCHYX6'2"Quarterfinal: #6 at #3
9/610:00amCHYX6'2"Quarterfinal: #5 at #4
9/69:00amCHYM6'2"Quarterfinal: #7 at #2
9/610:00amCHYM6'2"Quarterfinal: #8 at #1
9/611:00amCHYM6'2"Semifinal: Winner-#6/#3 at Winner-#7/#2
9/612:00pmCHYM6'2"Semifinal: Winner-#5/#4 at Winner-#8/#1
9/61:00pmCHYMFUNFriendship: Masters/Fun division TBD

NOTE: Games in bold cannot be swapped or otherwise moved or changed.



Centennial Hills YMCA
6601 N Buffalo Dr
Las Vegas, NV

El Dorado High School
EDHX = EDHS aux gym
EDHM = EDHS main gym
1139 Linn Ln
Las Vegas, NV

Directions on Google Maps for Centennial Hills YMCA

Tri-State Invasion (NJ)
Dream (Oakland)
Commissioners (SF/LV)
Motion (LA)

Delano Killa Beez
VideoSonic (LV)
Pineapples (SJ/LA)
Rivals (LA)

LV Playhouse
Delano Allies
Trybe (Oakland)
Long Beach Hitmen

Filcom (Hayward)
Lifted (LA)
Hyphy (SF)
Schedule for this weekend is set! Don't forget

TUE 9/1 (10:30PM) -- Keep scrolling to see the schedule, but in the meantime here are some explanations for the schedule...
  • Good (well, sort of) question from a captain: Why are we playing so-and-so again? You know what, I didn't even know you played them last time. Seriously, how can I worry about that when X number of teams are clamoring to have late games? Incidentally I put all those teams in Pool Z to make them happy. Then of course I was told by the powers that be (i.e., the people who possess the keys to the gym) that we have to start at 8am when I normally like to start things at 10am. So those "late" games, as I wrote before, are no longer late. So anyways, if you don't want to play a certain team next time, just tell me at the beginning of the tournament and I will throw that request on top of the others that I get. Just try to remember I have a job to do and if you help me do my job, then chances are you will be more happy with the outcome than if you sit back and don't help me with my job. Incidentally, I was able to grant a request by the LV Playhouse team to specifically play against their buddies, the Delano Allies. Go figure!

  • The teams that are playing at 8am are either the ones who are paying the latest or the ones who did not act like a squeaky wheel. If you are the latter, I thank you and trust me, I've been around long enough to know that basketball karma will come around for you if not this weekend, sometime else.

  • Trybe signed up early and at that time, I was really worried about having even just 8 teams. Trybe is a team from deep in Oakland and they have 2 or 3 non-Asians. Because they were so supportive of the tourney before the late entries jumped on board, I am allowing them to keep their non-Asians. This is for Trybe ONLY and because of their loyalty to our tournament and league. No other teams can bring non-Asians. Besides, it's not like their non-Asians are superstars. Aside from the color of their skin, these guys blend into Trybe's style of play. They will not torch you for 30 pts. It's not like that. They are a legitimate part of the team and I'm granting them an exception since they supported this tournament when I was not sure it was going to happen.

  • If you start in the 6'2" division (Pools x, Y, or Z) and you go 2-0, mathematically you have won your pool and therefore are one of the top 3 teams. Thus, if you go 2-0, you need not show up at 4pm for the play-in game. You will have earned one of the top four seeds. Now, let's say you go 1-1 but have a big point differential -- which will be capped at 20 points so as not to have ridiculous blowouts (what's the difference between a 25-point blowout and a 30-point blowout? -- we have different tiebreaker rules for that). If you go 1-1, guess what, you didn't go 2-0 so you need to show up at 4pm, just suck it up and drive back out to the gym, what can you do. I mean, I'll try to work diligently to save you a trip out, but I can't guarantee anything.

  • Everyone is mathematically guaranteed 3 games. Not everyone will make it to Sunday (only the top 8 teams, including the winner of Masters/Fun). So if you don't make it to Sunday, you probably went 0-3 or 1-2 and unfortunately your tournament is over. If there was a better way to do this, I welcome suggestions. It's just very hard to force teams to play more than 3 games on Sunday, which is what happens if you allow all 12 teams to advance. Also, if we include all 12 teams on Sunday, then the top teams start off cold against a team that has already played a game, and that to me is a slight disadvantage. So that's why for the past few years, I've capped the number of teams to 8 that make it on Sunday.

  • Whenever I write, I'm verbose. Too bad. Just get used to it. Knowledge is power.
That's all for now. Keep reading and you will be in the know. Text me for any further questions.

TUE 9/1 (8:00PM) -- Before I post the schedule table below, a few logistical points...
  • Venue:
    El Dorado HS
    1139 Linn Ln
    Las Vegas, NV

  • Follow scores and stats (we will only keep stats for Sunday playoffs) at This is a pretty cool service if you've never used it. Basically, let's say your mom wants to know how your team is doing. She can get instant notifications TO HER CELLPHONE VIA TXT MSGS by signing up and logging onto Twitter, setting her profile to receive "tweets" on her phone via txt msg, so then any update I post onto Twitter, she will get REAL-TIME.

  • All captains should have my cellphone number. We will be using txt msgs exclusively to communicate, esp. since it's hard to pickup the phone when I'm scorekeeping a game.

  • EDHS may or may not have air conditioning. If not, I would advise heading down 2 miles on Nellis Rd to Boulder Station Casino and cooling off there in between games.

  • For Saturday, if you do not finish 2-0 in your Pool, please have your team ready to play at 4pm that same day for those Play-In games.

  • I will be figuring out the top 8 teams that make it to Sunday, late Saturday night. Give me like 4 hours, so by 10pm I should have txted your captain what time you play on Sunday, if you made it that far (remember, THREE Masters/Fun teams and FOUR 6'2" teams will NOT make it to Sunday). I will also ask your captain to txt me back the exact time that I just txted him so as to have absolutely no confusion what time your game is on Sunday.

  • Ignore the previous schedule I put up. That's old now. Only go with the following, above the big solid silver line that divides the old stuff from this new stuff. Yeah, everything about this whole tourney is on this one single page. Messy, but effective.

  • Anything else I forgot, just txt me.
Without further adieu, here is the schedule. There will be no changes to this unless it affects tournament coordinator logistics corrections (please ignore the pref1 and pref2 columns -- that's irrelevant here, I use that for my leagues)...

summer vegas tourney dreamleague logo

Vegas Summer Tourney

SAT SEP 5 - SUN SEP 6, 2009

PRICE AFTER AUG 16, 2009: $400 per team
Fri Aug 28, 2009

More info on entry fees and registering

Register Team Here

(1) Goto our REGISTRATION page and enter your team's profile
(2) Use drop-down menu below to select your team's division
(3) Click on Buy Now button to pay $200 deposit (no refunds)
(4) Receive follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for $160 or $200
(5) Pay Invoice by tipoff of first game, otherwise forfeit



If enough teams sign up, we will split into upper and lower sub-divisions

Previous/returning/new teams:
(confirmed in bold)

Arizona Desert Jade
Bay Area Select
BEAST (Oakland)
Cali Xpress (Oakland)
Nextdoor Neighbor (SF/LA)
C.R.E.A.M. (LA)
Delano Allies
Delano Killa Beez
Delano Money-Time
Delano Playhouse
Delano Renegades
Dream Team (Vegas)
East Bay Dragons (Oakland)
Filcom (Hayward)
Havoc (Vegas)
Hyphy (SF)
Jumpmen (SF/LV)
LA Freestyle
Lifted (LA)
Long Beach Beatrock
Long Beach Bombers
Long Beach Hitmen
Money Tree Prodigies (SF)
Nextdoor Neighbor (LA/LV)
LV Playhouse (fka Nextlevelfour)
Oxnard New Era
Oxnard siniGANG
Pineapples (SJ/LA)
Playhouse (Delano)
Rivals (LA)
SF City
SF Lions
Smurfs (Colorado)
Spoken 4 (OC/LV)
SuperBad (SF)
Team Rommel (LA)
3GS (LA)
Trybe (Oakland)
VideoSonic (Vegas)
Valerios (Union City)
Voltron (Bakersfield)
Warriors (San Mateo)
West Covina Stunners
WBKYA (Sacramento)
Wolf Pack (Fremont)



Previous/returning/new teams:
(confirmed in bold)

Bruin Brawn (LA)
3GS (LA)
CPA HEADS (Bay Area)
Crestline / Vegas Aces
David Ke's team
Fairfield FFBL
Gasping For Air (Vegas)
Pacific Northwest Recycle
PacRim Sports (LA)
Commissioners (fka Poorcats) (SF)
Tri-State InvAsian (NJ/NY)



Previous/returning/new teams:

Below The Rim (SF)
D.Bap (Oakland)
Dream (Oakland)
Dream Killaz (LA/SJ)
Bay Area Select
FFBL Air Lifters (Fairfield)
Foster City Flyers
Super Mad Cow (Oakland)
JBallers (LV)
Jets/Vipers (LA)
PacRim Sports Jr (LA)
Rebels (Oakland)
Replacements (SF)
Rich's Rayguns (SF)
San Mateo Ryusei
SloJams (SF)
The 818 (LA)
Vegas ABL Lite
COMMISH'S NOTES: TUE 9/1 (2:30PM) -- I'm gonna post the final schedule for Saturday in a few hours, by this evening. It's actually done already but I want it to marinate a little, just in case. Btw the gym director says there's a chance the A/C may be on, on Saturday, but probably not Sunday. Who knows.

TUE 9/1 (2:00PM) -- I have a bit of bad news. All games must start at 8:00AM on Saturday. For those of you who don't know, my gym director (who enables us to get gyms at various places in Vegas and practically runs the best AAU tourney there with Vision Sports) keeps telling me, "Man, your people have to know, this is Vegas. Teams are typically charged way more than what you charge them. Gyms are extremely hard to get these days. They have no idea what a bargain you give 'em." You just gotta trust me, this guy would not lie to me and he knows what he is talking about. I'll be happy to introduce you to him and he can give you the low down.

So suck it up. We're lucky to even have found a gym. Next year, tell your buddies to bring a team and register early so we can book UNLV ahead of time. It's right on the Strip too, but you guys just take too long to commit, so it's places like EDHS that are only available at the last minute. Btw, the community center gyms got taken up by various councilman projects or what have you. Anyways, here's the address for EDHS:

1139 Linn Lane
Las Vegas, NV

I've changed all the times below to start at 8:00AM. If you wanted a "late" game on Saturday, I'll do my best, but chances are, it ain't gonna happen because our new definition of "late" just got moved up an hour. Incidentally, I think it's only fair that the people who paid first get first dibs on requests. So if you paid last, you're probably gonna be playing at 8am.

TUE 9/1 (12:15PM) -- Though I may have miscounted, but I have double-confirmed we have 11 6'2" teams and 4 Masters/Fun teams, read on.

I've figured out the structure of the schedule. We're waiting on El Dorado to call us back. The backup plan to that are two middle schools. I'm hoping El Dorado has A/C, but last year it didn't, so just beware to bring tons of fluids. I wish we could do more with that, but because everybody enters so late, we do not have the lead time to get a gym like UNLV rec center, which isn't necessarily the best place either. Every place has its good and bad. El Dorado has nice courts, no A/C. UNLV has shorter courts, great building. The middle schools probably are decent but the two gyms are a few miles apart. Pick your poison.

Here's the structure of the schedule...

9/5 8:00AM main Pool X: X1 vs X2
9/5 9:00AM main Pool Y: Y3 vs Y4
9/5 10:00AM main Pool Z: Z1 vs Z2
9/5 11:00AM main Pool W: Commissioners (SF/LV) at Motion (LA)
9/5 12:00PM main Pool X: Loser-X1/X2 vs Loser-X3/X4
9/5 1:00PM main Pool Y: Loser-Y1/Y2 vs Loser-Y3/Y4
9/5 2:00PM main Pool Z: Z3 vs Z1
9/5 3:00PM main Pool W: Loser-TSIA/Drm vs Loser-Comm/Motn
9/5 4:00PM main Play-in: #10 at #7
9/5 5:00PM main Play-in: #11 at #6
----- ----- -----
9/5 8:00AM aux Pool X: X3 vs X4
9/5 9:00AM aux Pool Y: Y1 vs Y2
9/5 10:00AM aux Pool W: Tri-State InvAsian (NJ) at Dream (Oakland)
9/5 11:00AM aux Pool X: Winner-X1/X2 vs Winner-X3/X4
9/5 12:00PM aux Pool Z: Z2 vs Z3
9/5 1:00PM aux Pool Y: Winner-Y1/Y2 vs Winner-Y3/Y4
9/5 2:00PM aux Pool W: Winner-TSIA/Drm vs Winner-Comm/Motn
9/5 3:00PM aux Play-in: #9 at #8
9/5 4:00PM aux Play-in: #12 at #5
----- ----- -----

So the Masters/Fun division is Pool W. Pools X, Y, and Z are 6'2" and Under. I will be bringing measuring tape and we will establish the standard for 6'2" without shoes. We'll put a mark on the wall and you simply have to end up shorter than that mark to play, if you are protested on. Please make all protests immediately. But I don't think you guys will make a big issue of this. I know you guys and most of you understand the spirit of competition. Still, there are boundaries that need to be clearly defined, just in case. It's like getting caught speeding on the freeway, right?

In Pools W, X, and Y, it will be a mini-final-four pool where the winners of the first games will face each other to determine who goes 2-0, 1-1, 1-1, and 0-2. In Pool Z, it's a 3-team round robin which will end up either all 1-1's or 2-0, 1-1, 0-2.

So like I said before, I'm gonna take the first-place Masters/Fun team right after the mini-final-four, give them the championship trophy for winning the Masters/Fun (after all, 2 of these 4 teams are getting in at-cost "for fun"), then because they will be 2-0, just automatically give them the #5 seed. Now, realize that they will be 2-0 against inferior competition (probably), so I'll take my chances and just go with that. We got a give them SOME seed.

All but the top 4 seeds will continue on at 4p, 5p, 6p at both gyms. These are "play-in" games for #5 thru #12, again with #5 being the champion of Masters/Fun. Obviously, we put #5 vs #12 with a one-hour break after the Masters/Fun championship. Other than that, I can't really predict who plays who, but basically be ready to play at 4p. The only thing special I will do is make sure no one is playing back-to-back games. As you can see, if team Z1 or Z3 is the #8 or #9 seed, they'd be playing back-to-back. I would then swap that game with a later game such that Z1 or Z3 doesn't have to play back-to-back. That's why you need to be ready to play at 4p unless you went 2-0 in Pool Play with Pools X or Y or Z (because you'd definitely have one of the top four seeds).

I'll figure out the Sun sched pretty soon, but it will be pretty basic. Top eight teams, single-elim, dwindle down to one championship by the afternoon. squeeze in a friendship game probably between the semis and championship (so those teams get a one-hour break).

My only to-do left for Saturday is to figure out which teams go in which pool. You can see that I already pinned down Pool W (Masters/Fun) for logistical reasons, as there are scorekeepers playing in those games. That being said, I might move consecutive Pool W games to the same gym, but essentially the structure and tipoff times remain the same. There would have to be a really good reason for me to undo the hours of work I put into the above, making sure we had no back-to-backs in pool play. How I will figure out which team goes in which pool is largely determined by various special requests. Please keep these to a minimum, because there's only so much that the structure can handle.

Btw, if it wasn't already obvious, everyone gets 3 games minimum. For Masters/Fun, the 3 teams that don't win that championship, we will have a friendship game between whichever teams are remaining. My team doesn't need to play on Sunday, so it looks like it will be 2 of the following 3: Dream, Tri-State, Motion. If my team wins the Masters champ, I'd give up the #5 spot to another of these teams and still not play on Sunday.

Hope all that made sense. If it didn't, please email me and I will forward my response to the entire captain's list, for knowledge sake. Finally, for those of you who need to pay the difference, I will email your captain. You have the option of me sending you a Google Checkout invoice for the remainder or just bring the difference to your first tipoff. But if you don't have the money issue taken care of by the first tipoff, you will be forfeited on the spot.

(8/31) It's official: 11 teams in the 6'2" division, but we'll add the winner of the Masters/Fun division as the 12th. So here's the breakdown...
  • Masters/Fun: 4 teams, one simple Consolation-like Bracket, still TBD

  • 6'2"": 11 teams, 2 pool games each, add 12th, play 3rd play-in game Sat nite, 8 teams make it to Sunday
Again, Wed is the target for posting the schedule. Last year we had to start games at 9am on Sat (no choice). Not sure about this year. It's 95% that we'll be playing at El Dorado HS, the entire tourney.

(8/31) With some buffer time for unforeseen circumstances, the schedule should go up here on this page on Wednesday. Looks like we might indeed be at El Dorado HS again, but this year for both Sat and Sun. Also, it looks like I may need (1) merge the For-Fun with Masters and (2) offer the winner of the Masters a spot in the 6'2" division; we'll see.

(8/28) See teams in bold on right. We have at least 11 in the 6'2", and 15 teams total. We may just very well put everyone in the same division, albeit I would probably put the "For Fun" and Masters teams together in one pool. Text me at 415-377-7722 at this point for further info.

(8/4) Sorry again for the delay in putting this up! Just been REALLY swamped this year. Anyways, the good news is, airfare/lodging/car all seems to be down this year compared to years past. Also, we're trying to work with the Vegas Asian League to have some of our more "non-tourney-ready" teams play against theirs. Also, I've been getting a lot of calls and emails this year, so I think we will have good critical mass.

If you are looking for the Elite Asian American National Championship (AANC), that is the weekend after this one. The signup page for that will be available shortly after this writing. You may email me for further information.

ASIAN-AMERICAN TOURNEY: This means all participants must be of at least 25% of any of the nations represented by the Asian Games, which include the following ethnicities, among others: Arab-American, Indian/Pakistani, Pacific Islander, in additional to other Asian ethnicities.

DATES: Sat Sep 5 thru Sun Sep 6, 2009 (3pm Championship, best to budget a flight back no earlier than 7pm)

COST: $360 early-bird on or before Sun Aug 16, $400 after Sun Aug 16, 2009. A non-refundable deposit of $200 guarantees your team's spot. Once you make the deposit, await a follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for the remainder of the balance, which will be either $160 or $200 depending on when you made the deposit. You must pay the remaining balance before tipoff of your first game, otherwise you will forfeit that game.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR FARAWAY TEAMS: Email me if your team is flying in from far away.


SPECIAL BARGAIN for Dream League Bay Area and Vegas ABL (LEAGUE-ONLY!) teams: So you play in our league every Sunday and you only play for fun. I get it. Entering a tournament is big-time. It's scary going up against teams that were built to travel and compete for tournaments. That's why, to encourage you to break the mold, I'm gonna give you a very incredible discount. But you have to email me about it first. Again, this offer is only for the "for fun" teams in our league(s). Don't try to pretend you're one of these teams if you're not, because I'll just ignore your email.

FORMAT: First off, NBA-style format. As always, dreamleague prefers to run a pool play on Saturday followed by no more than an Elite Eight single-elimination playoff on Sunday.

- FIRST PREFERENCE: UNLV Student Recreation and Wellness Center (near Strip, 4 courts!)
- SECOND PREFERENCE: Various high schools and rec centers as we have done in many years past

HOTEL(S): We recommend your first check the following to book your stay:,'s Best Value ratings, very affordable house rental on (Vegas site), and We may also be able to secure $50/nite group rates at Palace Station, email me if interested.

AIRFARE: remains the best place to find fares, with referrals to Virgin Airlines, which has cheap tickets. Southwest is another option, but fares are already creeping up sharply, more expensive than those you can find on However, if you book on Southwest and something happens, you can reclaim your Southwest credit on a future flight with no fees or penalties. Most other airlines do not allow this, or if they do, they charge a huge change fee of $75.

However, there is an alternative solution. Check for any people near you who have expiring credit on Southwest that they can't use. You can usually get a pretty good discount through this route.

It's also been written that airfares tend to go down about 2 weeks before departure, but Kayak and can give you a better picture of airfare trends.

Finally, last year we mentioned a bus service called Megabus for $30-50 one-way. Well, they stopped that line due to low ridership, despite positive reviews, and refocused on the East Coast. Too bad.

RENTAL CARS: Again, rules. Another place that has comparable rates is, but actually Hotwire's published rates are base rates, whereas Kayak already factors in taxes. It turns out that Kayak shows more bottom-line results than Hotwire. Kayak will redirect you to book good rates with the actual rental car company, whereas Hotwire is reselling reservations pre-booked at bulk rates. They both come out to about the same, if not Hotwire higher, so you might as well book direct via Kayak and accrue rental car membership points (you cannot accrue points through Hotwire).

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Btw, this is a work-in-progress FAQ. Send your questions to and we'll post them here. Keep checking back for new additions.

How long have you been running tournaments and what formats have you used in the past? We started running tournaments in Vegas starting in 2004. Since then it has grown each and every year:
Please explain the non-refundable deposit thing in more detail. It's actually pretty simple. If your team pays the non-refundable deposit, which guarantees your team a spot in the tourney, on or before the final deadline to make a deposit, then you will end up paying the early-bird entry fee. If your team is unable to commit on or before the early-bird deadline and someone on your team pays the non-refundable deposit after the early-bird deadline, then you will end up paying the full, non-early-bird entry fee. After you pay the deposit, we will send you a follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for the remaining balance. The final deadline for the deposit is the Friday before the Monday before the tournament; this helps us plan for gym space in advance, makes it better for teams who are interested to see who's committed, and helps you encourage your teammates to make an earlier commitment to your team.

What's the forfeit thing? Real simple: if by tipoff of your first game at the tourney, you do not pay the remaining balance after your deposit, your team will be forfeited on the spot.

My team is traveling from all the way across the country and we're paying up the butt on airfare. Can you cut us a deal on the team entry fees? It all depends on what team you have, how many teams are already signed up, and what the final gym costs will be. But if you are coming from a great distance and thereby enhancing our tournament a bit, we're happy to try and figure something out.

UPDATES: Here are previously listed updates...

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