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New site!!!: DRMLG.ORG
Poor Man's Commish

New site!!!: DRMLG.ORG
Poor Man's Commish

Support Jeremy Lin!

Group/VIP tickets for Harvard at Santa Clara U., Jan 4th, 2010

Jeremy Lin swats 13th-ranked UConn and NBA draft prospect Jerome Dyson, in a game on 12/6/2009. Click the image above to enlarge.

Click to enlarge Leavey Center seating chart. NOTE: Sections 104-105 are adjacent to Harvard bench. Sections 204-207 are behind the Harvard bench. Sections 102-103 are for season ticket holders only (sold out) and are not for sale to the general public.
This may be your last chance to see the best Asian-American
basketball player ever to play the game!

Palo Alto's Jeremy Lin will make a rare home-coming appearance here in the Bay Area. Join 500+ community members as we support his triumphant return and watch his Harvard Crimson take on the Santa Clara Broncos on Jan 4, 2010!


WHAT: NCAA Division I Men's Basketball, Harvard at Santa Clara | Facebook Event Page

WHEN: Monday, January 4, 2010 at 7:00PM

WHERE: Leavey Center arena, Santa Clara University campus (detailed directions forthcoming)

COST: No extra handling fees whatsoever! All tickets will be picked up at the Will Call booth.

Special thanks to...

- Ron Staden, high school basketball coach, James Lick High School, San Jose
- Paul Bates, Parks & Recreation Supervisor, City of Oakland
- Matt Livingston, Principal, International Studies Academy in San Francisco

DONORS: Tina Lu, Jimmy Hom, Rose-Marie Twu, Donald Lee, Rudy Chew, Tony Nguyen, Mark Wu, Todd Han.

NOTES: Dream League is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We have pre-purchased a certain number of tickets to this game and through group discounts with the Santa Clara University ticket office, are able to offer you discounted pricing. As our program services mandate, our efforts are purely community-oriented and will derive no income from this activity. We are not affiliated with Jeremy Lin or his family, or Harvard men's basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jeremy Lin? He is a 6'3" senior guard. He weighs about 200 lbs. He has been a starter for the men's basketball team for the past three years. He is of Chinese descent.

How good is he? He's very skilled, very athletic, and has a chance to make it into the NBA. He currently averages about 18 points per game, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocked shots. He's also amongst the nation's leaders for guards in dunks! He has been named to the All-Ivy League team for the past two years and is a lock to make it this year. In high school, he was named California's most valuable player for a Division 2 school, helping Palo Alto High School win the state title against the dominant perennial contenders, Mater Dei.

If he's this good, why is he playing for Harvard? Unlike most top players who are part of high school state championship teams, Jeremy was not actively recruited. He did not receive a single scholarship offer. The best offers he got were guaranteed spots on the varsity squads of Harvard or Brown, Ivy League schools which do not offer athletic scholarships. Stanford and Cal only offered him an opportunity to tryout as a walk-on. There has been speculation that racial discrimination had a lot to do with it.

Why might this be the last time to see him play? If he does not get drafted in the NBA, he may be forced to play overseas. If the remainder of his basketball career is to be played abroad, this will be one of the last opportunities to see him play, especially here in the Bay Area where he grew up.

Where can I buy a Jeremy Lin jersey or other paraphernalia? Jeremy is still playing for Harvard, and like all other NCAA athletes, must therefore abide by the NCAA's rules. Because he is an amateur, his name and likeness may not be used for any profit-seeking enterprise. As such, and again like all other NCAA athletes, there are no jerseys or other paraphernalia you can buy that bear his name.

Will there be a chance to meet Jeremy before or after the game? As a student-athlete, Jeremy will be very busy dealing with the local media, Harvard's next opponent, and his studies at Harvard. Per NCAA rules, as an amateur athlete, he may not derive any benefit from any event. Therefore, amongst other logistical problems, it is not possible to organize a meet-and-greet with him or his family.

How are you affiliated with Jeremy Lin? We only want to support him in what may be his last appearance in the Bay Area, and help spread the word about just how good he is to the remainder of the local Asian American and Chinese community, who may not be cognizant of this. We do not represent him or his family. We will not derive any income from this endeavor, nor do we wish as much. In fact, we will may even lose money on this endeavor!

How is it that you may lose money? To encourage you to invite all of your friends and family, we are offering a FREE pair of Lower Reserved tickets (which we already bought at $20 each) for every 10 General Admission tickets you sell. We will then group all of these purchases together and obtain General Admission tickets at a bulk discount rate of $5 per 25 tickets. So, 10 tickets cost us $50 (although we have 15 more to sell), which we are turning around and selling to you for $8.88 each. The 2 Lower Reserved tickets will cost us $40. Therefore, we will lose $1.12 each time someone buys 10 General Admission tickets. However, we are more than happy to lose this token amount if it means 12 supporters of Jeremy Lin will be attending at a time!

What if you make money from only selling General Admission tickets? We will use all excess monies to purchase more General Admission tickets for low-income, disadvantaged youth who are affiliated with Dream League. We run our basketball leagues at local high schools and community centers. We often employ many of their neighborhood kids. It will not be a problem for us to get more and more kids to this game, and be exposed to the best Asian-American basketball player on the planet!

Why are General Admission tickets exactly $8.88? Per Chinese tradition, "8" is a very lucky number.

Where are your seats located? For General Admission, they will be in Sections 204, 205, 206 and maybe 207, which are all in the sections behind the Harvard bench. For Lower Reserved, the tickets are located in Sections 104 and 105. We do not plan to sit in sections that are on the opposite side of the court or adjacent to the Santa Clara bench. The "Lower Armchair" seats directly behind the teams' benches are already pre-sold to season ticket holders and are not available to the general public. The highest-priced remaining ticket and best seats are the $20 Lower Reserved tickets that we are also offering.

What's the difference between buying tickets from you versus from the Santa Clara ticket office? First of all, the Santa Clara ticket office (or any other vendor) will probably charge you a handling fee. Since we have bought tickets in bulk already, the handling fees for us have already been absorbed in the bulk amount. General Admission tickets cost $10 each, plus a $5 handling fee per order, when purchased through the Santa Clara ticket office. Lower Reserved seats cost $20 each, again plus a $5 handling fee per order. Finally, purchasing your tickets from us means you will be sitting amongst other Jeremy Lin supporters!

The header of this page says "Group/VIP tickets". What do you mean by that? We are not only selling group General Admission tickets, but also Lower Reserved tickets. Since these Lower Reserved tickets are the best remaining tickets you can by, as they were purchased in advance, and you would be sitting with other supporters in a better location than can now be bought, we called them "VIP". Depending on the circumstances, we may also give a few of these tickets away to certain high-profile "VIP" Asian Americans in our community, which means you would be sitting near these VIPs.

What if I already bought tickets? Call the Santa Clara ticket office and see if you can return them. We will look into this further. Please keep checking this webpage.

How many people do you think will attend? We have set a goal of 500. The Leavey Center can hold 4,500, of which we can assume that at least 1,000 have been reserved by students and season ticket holders. Dream League's direct reach to Asian-Americans through its adult basketball leagues is at least 2,000. Outside observers have told us they think that we can easily meet our goal of 500, however, that number is only 1% of the entire Bay Area Chinese population of 500,000.

What can I do to help? Just tell everyone you know who might be remotely interested! Basketball afficionados may be interested to see just how good Jeremy is. Asian-Americans can celebrate one of the few successful high-profile athletes. And the Chinese community can come support one of their own. Tell them that if there were ONE basketball game you could ever attend, this could be it! It may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Where can I find more about Jeremy Lin? You can read more on Dream League's blog, Poor Man's Commish. Check out our Facebook Event Page for social media, commentary, videos, and more links!

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