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New site!!!: DRMLG.ORG
Poor Man's Commish

New site!!!: DRMLG.ORG
Poor Man's Commish


Vegas Tourneys (Elite/6FT/Masters/Int)

SEP 11-12, 2010

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FRI 9/10 (5:00PM) -- I will be posting tourney updates on

Sunday schedule changed to 3 courts only

FRI 9/10 (4:45PM) -- Another wrench thrown at me from left field. Here's the updated Sunday schedule. The championship will be pushed back, no way to avoid that. The Masters 3rd games will be played at 9am and 10am. Remember to keep scrolling down to see Fri-Sat schedule...

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately.
9/129:00amTBA4(n/a)NO GAME: SEE 9AM COURT3
9/1210:00amTBA4ELITEPLAY-IN: #10 vs #7 or #9 vs #8
9/1211:00amTBA46FT+16FT+1 Quarterfinal
9/1212:00pmTBA4ELITEELITE Quarterfinal
9/121:00pmTBA4ELITEELITE Quarterfinal
9/122:00pmTBA46FT+16FT+1 Semifinal
9/123:00pmTBA4ELITEELITE Semifinal
9/124:00pmTBA46FT+16FT+1 Championship
9/125:00pmTBA4ELITEELITE Championship
9/129:00amTBA1(n/a)NO GAME: SEE 9AM COURT3
9/1210:00amTBA1ELITEPLAY-IN: #10 vs #7 or #9 vs #8
9/1211:00amTBA16FT+16FT+1 Quarterfinal
9/1212:00pmTBA1ELITEELITE Quarterfinal
9/121:00pmTBA1ELITEELITE Quarterfinal
9/122:00pmTBA16FT+16FT+1 Semifinal
9/123:00pmTBA1ELITEELITE Semifinal
9/129:00amTBA3MSTRRd-Robin: Dream League New York vs Poorcats (SF)
9/1210:00amTBA3MSTRRd-Robin: LA Bruin Brawn vs Seattle
9/1211:00amTBA36FT+16FT+1 Quarterfinal
9/1212:00pmTBA36FT+16FT+1 Quarterfinal

Court numbers have changed

FRI 9/10 (4:30PM) -- So the court numbers have changed and btw they have "TBA" painted on the gym entrance, so let's start calling it TBA...
  • TRK1 is now TBA4 (our schedule's Court #1 is actually Court #4)
  • TRK2 is now TBA1 (our schedule's Court #2 is actually Court #1)
  • TRK3 will stay the same, now as TBA3.
Pools and tipoffs posted!!!

WED 9/8 (1:45PM) -- We've been having difficulties with the website being down, then up, then down. I would suggest that you print this page as soon as you get a chance, and not rely on the website too much going forward. My webmaster has been informed of the problem.

WED 9/8 (1:30PM) -- For those of you who have not paid the full amount, please don't forget to bring your money to your first game's tipoff. Come to the table even before your game starts to take care of it. Otherwise, we'll wait until you have the money ready and we'd have to run clock in your game to catch up. Speaking of which, we will be running clock if we're behind, up until 2:00 minutes 4th quarter -- btw, my scorekeepers can make it so it looks like we might be able to do NBA format (read below).

WED 9/8 (1:15PM) -- CONFIRMED!!!. Special thanks to Pepsi who bent over backwards for all your special requests! So the Fri-Sat schedule below now has tipoffs and btw, we are now on just 3 courts on Sat instead of the original plan of 4 courts. The Sunday schedule below that, on 4 courts, is still the same... (12:00PM) -- Still waiting for Pepsi (the commish of the 180-team Vegas Asian League) to check with Tark on the Saturday times. But here are the matchups and pools...
  • ELITE:
  • Pool X: LA Freestyle, SJ Shootout, Vegas Aces
  • Pool Y: VVDC (LA), Ronin (SF), Stockton Ballers
  • Pool Z: Vegas Rebels, Cafe Moda (SF/LV), Dream League SF/NY, Hawaii Chosen Few (please read previous post about this)
  • Pool A: Eagles (SF), Tru (SF), Liga-pinoy Disciples
  • Pool B: LV Soldiers, MoneyTree Prodigies (SF), Orlando Live 2 Hustle
  • Pool C: SF Hyphy, Long Beach Bombers, Vegas Dynasty
  • MASTERS: Seattle, Dream League New York, LA Bruin Brawn, Poorcats (SF).
Please note, the above pools in Elite and 6FT+1 were solely determined by scheduling requests and spreading out the geographies so we could avoid teams that have played each other or are from the same locale. But mostly it was the scheduling difficulties. Thus, there is no implied ranking or anything. In fact, I don't even have time for that. I actually tried to start that for Elite, but then realized that trying to predict how well these teams will do was a futile effort. I think we have a pretty balanced field.

Use the pool play to feel each other out. Obviously, you can screw up the pool play and still make it to Sunday (except for #9 in 6FT+1, read below), but I think everyone is still better off trying to get the higher seed to play a lower seed early on Sunday.

The games below may shift around and the times are not set, as you can see with the "(tbd)", but the matchups should be the same barring unforeseen circumstances. Again, read the previous post to see why we are still waiting for the Saturday tipoffs to get set...

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately.
Fri 9/107:30pmTRK1ELITEPool Z: Dream League NY/SF vs Café Moda(Fri)
Sat 9/1111:00amTRK1ELITEPool Y: Ronin (SF) vs Stockton Ballers(early)
Sat 9/1112:00pmTRK16FT+1Pool A: Liga-pinoy Disciples vs Eagles (SF)
Sat 9/111:00pmTRK16FT+1Pool B: MoneyTree Prodigies (SF) vs LV Soldiers
Sat 9/112:00pmTRK16FT+1Pool A: Tru (SF) vs Liga-pinoy Disciples
Sat 9/113:00pmTRK16FT+1Pool B: Orlando Live 2 Hustle vs MoneyTree Prodigies
Sat 9/114:00pmTRK16FT+1Pool A: Eagles (SF) vs Tru (SF)
Sat 9/115:00pmTRK16FT+1Pool B: LV Soldiers vs Orlando Live 2 Hustle
Sat 9/116:00pmTRK1MSTRRd-Robin: Poorcats vs LA Bruin Brawn(late)
Sat 9/117:00pmTRK16FT+1PLAY-IN: #9 vs #8
Sat 9/118:00pmTRK1MSTRRd-Robin: LA Bruin Brawn vs Dream League New York
Sat 9/1112:00pmTRK26FT+1Pool C: SF Hyphy vs Long Beach Bombers
Sat 9/111:00pmTRK2ELITEPool X: LA Freestyle vs SJ Shootout(>11a)
Sat 9/112:00pmTRK26FT+1Pool C: Long Beach Bombers at Vegas Dynasty
Sat 9/113:00pmTRK2ELITEPool X: Vegas Aces vs LA Freestyle
Sat 9/114:00pmTRK26FT+1Pool C: Vegas Dynasty at SF Hyphy
Sat 9/115:00pmTRK2ELITEPool X: SJ Shootout vs Vegas Aces
Sat 9/112:30pmTRK3ELITEPool Y: VVDC (LA) vs Ronin (SF)
Sat 9/113:30pmTRK3ELITEPool Z: Café Moda vs Vegas Rebels
Sat 9/114:30pmTRK3ELITEPool Y: Stockton Ballers vs VVDC (LA)
Sat 9/115:30pmTRK3MSTRRd-Robin: Dream League New York vs Seattle(>1230p)
Sat 9/116:30pmTRK3ELITEPool Z: Hawaii Chosen Few vs Vegas Rebels
Sat 9/117:30pmTRK3MSTRRd-Robin: Seattle vs Poorcats (SF)(>530p)

NOTE: Games in bold cannot be swapped or otherwise moved or changed.


All games are at:
Tarkanian Basketball Academy
2730 South Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV
(near Palace Station Casino/Hotel)

There are 4 courts that we have named TRK1, TRK2, TRK3, and TRK4.

Schedule for this weekend almost done, but...

WED 9/8 (1:30AM) -- ...since there were a few complicated requests such as guys on multiple teams, or teams from the LVI tourney, et. al., today we need to check with Tark gym to see if they can accommodate the changes. We were gonna simply go with 11a-4p tipoffs on 3 courts, and some later tips on the 4th court, but that's no longer the case, esp. after Trybe dropped out only a few hours ago. So, we wait some more. What can I say? Sorry about that...and don't request so much stuff next time!

Again, we're expecting Saturday first tipoff at 11am, last tipoff around 5pm, 6FT+1 has one play-in game at 7pm (read below), and so basically, your two games are somewhere in between 11am and 5pm (roughly) and if you asked for later tipoffs Saturday, we most likely can do that. But then again, we don't have the keys to the gym, so we still need final approval.

If they don't approve, then I have a helluva job to reformulate my draft schedule of Saturday, which includes those later requests. As such, I can't post anything yet.

Here are things I can tell you right now. First of all, the lone Friday game...
  • It's Cafe Moda vs Dream League SF/NY at 8pm at Tark on Fri 9/10. This one's for sure.
Now, the eligibility...
  • ELITE: All players must be at least 25% Asian. This is to preserve our Asian-Am National Championship status, since we first started this many years ago!

  • 6FT+1: Remember, 4 out of 5 players on the court must be 6'0" without shoes, and can be any ethnicity. However, the 5th player may be taller than 6'0" without shoes, but no taller than 6'2" without shoes, but he must be of at least 25% Asian ethnicity. This is basically the anti-"ringer" rule.

  • MASTERS: In order to have enough teams, we made the Masters be an average oncourt age of 32 or older.
Then there's the format...
  • TO NBA OR NOT TO NBA: I'm still trying to get two of my Bay Area scorekeepers to Vegas. If I'm successful, chances are we can run the whole tournament NBA style, which means 24-sec shotclock, two free throws on the 5th team foul per quarter, stop on a made basket under 1 minute, timeouts advance to halfcourt, and all of that good stuff. But if I can't get my guys down there, then you may need to just accept the old-fashioned 20:00 halves, maybe no shotclock either. Just assume the worst and be happy if we're lucky to get my scorekeepers there.

  • ELITE: 10 teams. 2 pool play games on Sat (Cafe Moda plays on Fri, though), then determine the seeds based on W-L record and point differentials. All 10 teams make playoffs Sunday. Sunday is one-and-done, and the #8 vs #9 and #7 vs #10 "play-in" games will start at 10am. Normally, I only have 8 teams on Sunday, so consider it a blessing to even have a game, even if it is at the early hour of 10am.

  • 6FT+1: 9 teams. 2 pool play games up until 5p tipoff on Sat. Then at 6p, determine which teams finished #8 and #9. Those two teams will play at 7p Sat nite to stay alive and play on Sunday. Thus, one team will go 0-3 on Saturday and be eliminated by the buzzer of that 7p game (that's still 3 games, guaranteed). So, if you went 0-2 on Sat, you better make sure your captain has his cellphone on ready for my text, letting you know if you're playing that play-in game at 7pm. On Sunday, we have the 8 surviving teams in a straightforward one-and-done format, quarterfinals to championship.

  • MASTERS: 4 teams. The only fair way to do this is to go straight round-robin, which means everyone plays each other once, for 3 games total. The best record and point differential at the end of the 3 games is the champion. This means there is no true championship game. You just have to do your best to win every game.
Here are some quirks:
  • Members of Hawaii Chosen Few in the Elite will be either playing in the LVI or arriving later on Saturday, so Hawaii will only play one pool play game. That will leave them at either 1-0, which is probably good for the #3 seed at best (you figure two teams from other pools will go 2-0), or 0-1, which is probably the #7 seed at best, which is a 10am play-in game on Sunday.

  • Dream League SF/NY in the Elite will be busy with the LVI tournament but will still play 1 pool play game on Fri nite at 8p vs Cafe Moda. Incidentally, Cafe Moda still plays 2 pool games, with their 2nd pool game on Saturday vs Vegas Rebels. But to determine its seed on Sunday, DLSF/NY will take into account their W-L record in that game against Cafe Moda, as well as the 2 or 3 games from the LVI tournament. This is because the LVI tournament is, in and of itself, a very high-caliber tournament. Also, we have done this since the beginning of the Elite division, which we proudly proclaim to the be Asian-Am National Championship because we haven't seen a field like this much elsewhere.

  • I don't like to have more than 8 teams on Sunday, but we have no choice in the Elite. This is because of Hawaii and DLSF/NY's situation above. About 4 years ago when the Vegas Aces had the #1 seed but came into Sunday colder than the winner of #8 vs #9, I realized that it would be more ideal to only have 8 teams, so that no teams got a "warmup" game prior. But this year, it is unavoidable due to the scheduling difficulties.
Finally, here are some tiebreaker notes...
  • To determine the seeds for Sunday, you look at the W-L record. If there's a tie, you look at the head-to-head (which is probably not gonna happen much considering the mathematics of 3 pools each in ELITE and 6FT+1). Without any results from head-to-head, you go to the next tiebreaker, which is point differential. Here, we cap the point differential at 20 so as to not turn a game into a detrimental display of running up the score. Years ago without such a cap on pt-diff, we had a team shooting 25-foot three-pointers on every available possession, which made the other team make hard fouls. Folks, that is not basketball. We don't want any game to degrade into that.

  • Another mantra of dreamleague is that we don't repeat matchups in the first round. One of the most important things at a tournament featuring teams from all over is that you get to play different teams. I've seen too many times when a team gets matched up against another team they just played yesterday in pool play, right off the bat (i.e., when it can be avoided). To avoid such repeats, we'll skip to the next sensible high- vs low-seed matchup. For example, you may see a #9 vs #7 and #10 vs #8 instead of the traditional #9 vs #8 and #10 vs #7, all to merely avoid a repeat matchup, esp. if we're talking about the 1st round and the fact that the repeat can be avoided.
I'll keep you posted throughout the day as to the status of Tark confirming our adjusted game schedule per all your requests.

Here's the schedule for Sunday, for sure. Again, the 6FT+1, one team will go 0-3 and not make it to Sunday. Ignore the "pref1" and "pref2" columns, as those are really just to confirm the tipoff timeframes of each team -- and there's not much we can do about the set schedule for Sunday's playoffs, as they are pretty much set in stone. Note the following characteristics of our Sunday playoffs...
  • The 4 quarterfinal games of both ELITE and 6FT+1 are played simultaneously on all 4 courts. This gets our Championship games done on time.
  • The two remaining round-robin games for the Masters occur in the morning and afternoon.
  • Because the quarters and semis are played simultaneously, you won't get much of a chance to scout out the other teams. That is simply a fact of life, or tradeoff considering we'll get the Championship done by about 5pm.
Again, Saturday is still being confirmed with the gym (address below the schedule table, scroll down)...

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately.
9/1210:00amTRK1ELITEPLAY-IN: #10 vs #7
9/1211:00amTRK16FT+16FT Upper - Quarterfinal
9/1212:00pmTRK1ELITEElite Upper - Quarterfinal
9/121:00pmTRK16FT+16FT Semifinal
9/122:00pmTRK1ELITEElite Semifinal
9/123:00pmTRK16FT+16FT Champ
9/124:00pmTRK1ELITEElite Champ
9/1210:00amTRK2ELITEPLAY-IN: #9 vs #8
9/1211:00amTRK26FT+16FT Upper - Quarterfinal
9/1212:00pmTRK2ELITEElite Upper - Quarterfinal
9/121:00pmTRK26FT+16FT Semifinal
9/122:00pmTRK2ELITEElite Semifinal
9/1210:00amTRK3MSTRRd-Robin: Dream League New York vs Poorcats (SF)(early)
9/1211:00amTRK36FT+16FT Upper - Quarterfinal
9/1212:00pmTRK3ELITEElite Upper - Quarterfinal
9/121:00pmTRK3MSTRRd-Robin: LA Bruin Brawn vs Seattle
9/1211:00amTRK46FT+16FT Upper - Quarterfinal
9/1212:00pmTRK4ELITEElite Upper - Quarterfinal

NOTE: Games in bold cannot be swapped or otherwise moved or changed.


All games are at:
Tarkanian Basketball Academy
2730 South Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV
(near Palace Station Casino/Hotel)

There are 4 courts that we have named TRK1, TRK2, TRK3, and TRK4.

summer vegas tourney dreamleague logo

Vegas Summer Tourneys

SAT SEP 11 - SUN SEP 12, 2010

PRICE IF NOT PAID IN FULL AFTER AUG 31, 2010: $400 per team
Mon Sep 6, 2010

Discount is available for teams in multiple tournaments this weekend.

More info on entry fees and registering

Register Team Here

(1) Goto our REGISTRATION page and enter your team's profile
(2) Use drop-down menu below to select your team's division
(3) Click on Buy Now button to pay $200 deposit (no refunds)
(4) Receive follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for $160 or $200
(5) Pay Invoice by tipoff of first game, otherwise forfeit


(1) One player can be 6'2" or under and he must be Asian
(2) All other players can be non-Asian, but must be 6'0" or under

If enough teams sign up, we will split into upper and lower sub-divisions

Previous/returning/new teams:
(confirmed in bold)

Arizona Desert Jade
Bay Area Select
BEAST (Oakland)
Cali Xpress (Oakland)
Nextdoor Neighbor (SF/LA)
C.R.E.A.M. (LA)
Delano Allies
Delano Killa Beez
Delano Money-Time
Delano Playhouse
Delano Renegades
Dream Team (Vegas)
East Bay Dragons (Oakland)
Filcom (Hayward)
Havoc (Vegas)
Hyphy (SF)
Jumpmen (SF/LV)
LA Freestyle
Lifted (LA)
Long Beach Beatrock
Long Beach Bombers
Long Beach Hitmen
Money Tree Prodigies (SF)
Nextdoor Neighbor (LA/LV)
LV Playhouse (fka Nextlevelfour)
Oxnard New Era
Oxnard siniGANG
Pineapples (SJ/LA)
Playhouse (Delano)
Rivals (LA)
SF City
SF Lions
Smurfs (Colorado)
Spoken 4 (OC/LV)
SuperBad (SF)
Team Rommel (LA)
3GS (LA)
Trybe (Oakland)
VideoSonic (Vegas)
Valerios (Union City)
Voltron (Bakersfield)
Warriors (San Mateo)
West Covina Stunners
WBKYA (Sacramento)
Wolf Pack (Fremont)


Previous/returning/new teams:

Below The Rim (SF)
D.Bap (Oakland)
Dream (Oakland)
Dream Killaz (LA/SJ)
Bay Area Select
FFBL Air Lifters (Fairfield)
Foster City Flyers
Super Mad Cow (Oakland)
JBallers (LV)
Jets/Vipers (LA)
PacRim Sports Jr (LA)
Rebels (Oakland)
Replacements (SF)
Rich's Rayguns (SF)
San Mateo Ryusei
SloJams (SF)
The 818 (LA)
Vegas ABL Lite



Previous/returning/new teams:
(last year's in bold)

Bruin Brawn (LA)
3GS (LA)
CPA HEADS (Bay Area)
Crestline / Vegas Aces
David Ke's team
Fairfield FFBL
Gasping For Air (Vegas)
Pacific Northwest Recycle
PacRim Sports (LA)
Commissioners (fka Poorcats) (SF)
Seattle Select
Tri-State InvAsian (NJ/NY)


Last year's in bold

3GS (LA)
Arizona Desert Jade
Bomb Squad (SF)
Cali Franchise (Fresno)
California Shockwaves
Central Cali Cagers
*Chicago Rambonewz
*Chicago Indo-Pak teams
Dallas Bandits
*Dallas Public Enemy
Davis Dynasty
Dream League Bay Area
Dream League East (NYC)
East Bay Cardinals (Oakland)
Fo'Show (Seattle)
Hawaii Chosen Few
Hotshots (Hayward)
Houston Underdogs
LA Blaze
LA Freestyle
Las Vegas Aces
Maryland Five Pillars
*Norcal Hoopaholics
NY Cruisers
NY D-Unit
PacRim Sports (LA)
San Diego 619ers
*Seattle Bladerunners
South Bay LA
Taiwan Center (LA)
The Yay (SF)
Team KAYA (Dallas/Kansas)
Uptempo (Hayward)
Vancouver TBA/WC/FP
VVDC (LA) (fka LA Showtime)
Wizards (SF)

* - has not played in any dreamleague tourney before
COMMISH'S NOTES: (9/7) The schedule will be done early tomorrow Wed 9/8 morning. Format for Masters is 3-game round-robin (4 teams). Format for Elite and 6FT+1 is 2 pool games then everyone (exc 6FT+1 #9, see below) makes playoffs Sun (one-and-done). Most games Sat will be 11a-4p tipoffs, but not all.

Final list of teams below: 10, 9, and 4 teams... (9/1) Another update, see list below... (8/24) Sorry it's been so long since an update, but here's what we got as far as confirmations and what not...

ELITE (10)
Stockton Ballers
SJ Shootout
Vegas Aces
Vegas Rebels
Dream League NY/SF
Hawaii Chosen Few
Ronin (SF)
Cafe Moda (SF/LV)
LA Freestyle

SUNDAY ELITE: Due to scheduling difficulties, I may be forced to put the #8 vs #9 and #10 vs #7 play-in games on Sunday morning (10am). Then quarterfinals on 4 courts simultaneous at 12p, semifinals at 2p, championship at 4p.

OUT: Eagles (SF), Portland

Long Beach Bombers
Vegas Dynasty
Liga-pinoy Disciples
SF Hyphy
MoneyTree Prodigies (SF)
Trybe (Oakland)
Tru (SF)
Eagles (SF) -- not same Eagles as Elite

6FT-PLUS-ONE PLAYOFFS: I don't like to go more than 8 teams on Sunday because it may create an advantage of being warm for the play-in teams, therefore I will probably go with #9 vs #8 on Sat evening. THAT MEANS THE 9TH TEAM WILL BE ELIMINATED BY SATURDAY NIGHT, GOING 0-3. Sunday: 11a quarters, 1p semis, 3p champ.

OUT: Elite SF

Dream League New York
LA Bruin Brawn
Poorcats (SF)

MASTERS SCHEDULE: 4 teams, 3 games round-robin. Best W-L wins championship. 2 games Sat, 1 game Sun. Pretty straightforward. There's not enough teams/revenue to do any other format with 4 teams.

OUT: Elite SF

INT/REC OUT: SF Skrubs, LA Pineapples, DL ScoreKeepers

(7/31) Welcome back! This year, all festivities are on Sep 11-12 (not Labor Day Weekend). 2009 6FT/INT results 2009 AANC results

ASIAN-AMERICAN ELITE AND MASTERS: This means all participants must be of at least 25% of any of the nations represented by the Asian Games, which include the following ethnicities, among others: Arab-American, Indian/Pakistani, Pacific Islander, in additional to other Asian ethnicities.

ALL OTHER DIVISIONS: 6FT-PLUS-ONE, INT-REC: Any ethnicity is welcome, except for the "plus-one" 6'2" player for 6FT-PLUS-ONE he must be of Asian descent (see righthand column).

DATES: Sat Sep 11 thru Sun Sep 12, 2010 (3pm Championship, best to budget a flight back no earlier than 7pm)

COST: $360 early-bird on or before , $400 after Tue Aug 31, 2010. A non-refundable deposit of $200 guarantees your team's spot. Once you make the deposit, await a follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for the remainder of the balance, which will be either $160 or $200 depending on when you made the deposit. You must pay the remaining balance before tipoff of your first game, otherwise you will forfeit that game.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR FARAWAY TEAMS: Email me if your team is flying in from far away.


SPECIAL BARGAIN for Dream League Bay Area and Vegas ABL (LEAGUE-ONLY!) teams: So you play in our league every Sunday and you only play for fun. I get it. Entering a tournament is big-time. It's scary going up against teams that were built to travel and compete for tournaments. That's why, to encourage you to break the mold, I'm gonna give you a very incredible discount. But you have to email me about it first. Again, this offer is only for the "for fun" teams in our league(s). Don't try to pretend you're one of these teams if you're not!

FORMAT: First off, NBA-style format. As always, dreamleague prefers to run a pool play on Saturday followed by no more than an Elite Eight single-elimination playoff on Sunday. INT-REC will be consolation format only.

LOCATION: Tarkanian Academy, Las Vegas

HOTEL(S): We recommend your first check the following to book your stay:,'s Best Value ratings, very affordable house rental on (Vegas site), and We may also be able to secure $50/nite group rates at Palace Station, email me if interested.

AIRFARE: remains the best place to find fares, with referrals to Virgin Airlines, which has cheap tickets. Southwest is another option, but fares are already creeping up sharply, more expensive than those you can find on However, if you book on Southwest and something happens, you can reclaim your Southwest credit on a future flight with no fees or penalties. Most other airlines do not allow this, or if they do, they charge a huge change fee of $75.

It's also been written that airfares tend to go down about 2 weeks before departure, but Kayak and can give you a better picture of airfare trends.

RENTAL CARS: Again, rules. Another place that has comparable rates is, but actually Hotwire's published rates are base rates, whereas Kayak already factors in taxes. It turns out that Kayak shows more bottom-line results than Hotwire. Kayak will redirect you to book good rates with the actual rental car company, whereas Hotwire is reselling reservations pre-booked at bulk rates. They both come out to about the same, if not Hotwire higher, so you might as well book direct via Kayak and accrue rental car membership points (you cannot accrue points through Hotwire).

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Btw, this is a work-in-progress FAQ. Send your questions to and we'll post them here. Keep checking back for new additions.

How long have you been running tournaments and what formats have you used in the past? We started running tournaments in Vegas starting in 2004. Since then it has grown each and every year:
Please explain the non-refundable deposit thing in more detail. It's actually pretty simple. If your team pays the non-refundable deposit, which guarantees your team a spot in the tourney, on or before the final deadline to make a deposit, then you will end up paying the early-bird entry fee. If your team is unable to commit on or before the early-bird deadline and someone on your team pays the non-refundable deposit after the early-bird deadline, then you will end up paying the full, non-early-bird entry fee. After you pay the deposit, we will send you a follow-up Google Checkout Invoice for the remaining balance. The final deadline for the deposit is the Friday before the Monday before the tournament; this helps us plan for gym space in advance, makes it better for teams who are interested to see who's committed, and helps you encourage your teammates to make an earlier commitment to your team.

What's the forfeit thing? Real simple: if by tipoff of your first game at the tourney, you do not pay the remaining balance after your deposit, your team will be forfeited on the spot.

My team is traveling from all the way across the country and we're paying up the butt on airfare. Can you cut us a deal on the team entry fees? It all depends on what team you have, how many teams are already signed up, and what the final gym costs will be. But if you are coming from a great distance and thereby enhancing our tournament a bit, we're happy to try and figure something out.

UPDATES: Here are previously listed updates...

(none yet)