• Raj

    It's clear that you're in love with Jeremy Lin, but your writing is so over-the-top and biased that I think you're doing him a disservice. If you're writing all this to get him PR and hoping that NBA scouts will read this, I think you need to tone down the love-fest. I can't take you seriously after reading something like this because you are not close to being objective. You see no faults.

    While I might agree with most of your points about why Jeremy Lin is a very good NBA prospect, your writing makes me feel that you have an unhealthy obsession.

  • poormanscommish

    Raj, once again another anonymous reply (surely, raj@yahoo.com can't REALLY be your email address?). What is it about you guys that are so CHICKEN to post their real email addresses? Seriously, that is cowardice. You want to call me out on something, be a man about it and show yourself. Or post something on a blog elsewhere in response and link it. I mean, who am I talking to? I'm posting this comment into the Internet ethos. When you post YOUR comment, you know I will read it. That's B.S., man. That's not a two-way street. C'mon.

    Anyways, I've already written about what's wrong with his game. I don't need to keep repeating those things: the bad shooting form, the penchant for dribbling into turnovers. In fact, there will be plenty written on that soon enough, if it hasn't already been on NBA draft blogs. The things that I write are new discoveries about his game, when nobody else is watching.

    It's no different than a Harvard assistant coach writing about him.

    As far as being over the top, I'm afraid I'm just giving you my honest observations from up close. If you have a problem with what I write, then mathematically you have a problem with what ESPN wrote, what TIME wrote, what SI wrote, the list goes on and on and on. I did not create the hype, I do not own those publications. And, oh yeah, like I really need to get him PR. What a dumb comment. Think about it.

    And I'm not "in love" with Jeremy Lin. If I was, I wouldn't criticize him on furthering the bamboo ceiling stereotype (which I wrote about), which I feel was his ultimate downfall when he expected the scholarships to come after his senior year in HS. He is an interesting story and the more you watch him, the more you appreciate what he brings to a team.

    The more I get to know him, the more I respect his approach. Everyone that I know who has met him, their first inclination is that Jeremy ought to or should've done this or that to get him here or there. Well, he didn't, for better or for worse. But I've now respected why he didn't, and I've questioned myself in perhaps jumping to conclusions, like a lot of other people are doing. Believe me, there are plenty of people who can't figure him out. With respect to this observation, sure enough, someone has already posted on a blog somewhere else that he isn't making himself vocal enough against the racial slurs and what-not.

    Basically, I'm trying to get you to know him a little better.

    Also, you say that you think he is a "very good" NBA prospect. Well, my whole point is that he SHOULD be more than just a "very good" NBA prospect, if you knew him better, and if you read my blogposts you'll see why.

    What you're upset about is that no one else out there is providing context like I am with other draftees. Is there a blog out there that watches John Wall's every move to see why he should be the unquestioned #1 pick? Maybe there is, but there probably isn't. So, you're getting a strong dose of Jeremy Lin and not that much of John Wall, or any other draft pick for that matter. Well, I don't have the insights on those guys as I do Jeremy Lin. But it goes hand-in-hand. By my not being about John Wall, I am by definition biased towards Jeremy Lin. Sue me.

    Look, there's plenty of good and bad out there. Look at Scottie Reynolds. People love his game, draft experts don't think so, it's all over the map. Perhaps there's a blog out there that harps on the good parts of his game. Perhaps there's a blog out there that harps on the bad parts of his game. Perhaps there's both. This one happens to be on Jeremy Lin. It happens to harp on the good parts of his game more-so than the bad. So stop accusing me of something that is not a crime.

    In conclusion, I completely disagree when you say I've been doing a love-fest and that this is a disservice to Jeremy himself. What bothers me the most is that you can't own up to calling me out and put a bogus email address as your reply-to. This will be the last time I respond to people who post this anonymously. Next guy who posts anonymously will probably get deleted (start your own friggin blog).

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