• torrentlee

    I agree coach Amaker should try and change things up when they visit Cornell next time. When you are over matched by a team as talented and smart like Cornell you really need to beat them by making them play outside of their comfort zone. Being able to control the tempo is going to be the biggest advantage for Harvard if you go small pick up the pace and make Cornell speed up the game, you have a chance to put them into a position that they are not use to forcing turnovers. Also if Harvard picks up the tempo they can get some easy buckets before the Cornell zone is set up. I doubt Amaker would do this though after watching their boring offense chew up every bit of the shot clock on every offensive procession in Santa Clara I would put in my vote for the most boring offensive in the nation in Harvard haha

  • Steve

    plus minus stats are interesting but don't fit with how the harvard-cornell game went. looks like they could have used magnarelli though.

    ryan wittman +26.7 (28th in the country)
    jeremy lin +22.9 (45th)
    pat magnarelli +9.0 (634th)
    jeff foote +6.5 (895th)


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