• The Author Sounds Nuts!

    You seem seriously deranged. Who spends this much time writing nonsensical garbage about Jeremy Lin? What, are you his brother? Good grief, kid. Pull it together and live your life.

  • sydpang

    This is great. Thanks for writing this. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm a Chinese American basketball player and huge supporter of Jeremy Lin.

    I agree with creating lots of web content around Jeremy. I have no doubt that it will help him. Look at Joe Alexander and how he basically got onto the Bucks on pure hype (and he's not the only one).

    With the downturn of the economy teams will be looking for any way to get more ticket sales. Introducing diversity into the NBA (and any sport for that matter) is a simple way to greatly increase global fan support and attention. As everybody knows, the NBA is really trying to expand into the market in Asia where basketball is HUGE.

    I think any GM that takes a chance on Jeremy will me making a bold, but smart move.

  • Michael

    I have a question, did Jeremy Lin drafted by NBA? If not, when will we know? tks.

  • stephanieslocum

    he has to make it to the nba! this guy's for real!

  • Dorkwhenlearning


  • poormanscommish

    Yes, I have often said the Asian-American issues are complex. You're touching on something that overlaps the "model minority" theory, which has both an internal part like you are saying with your dad, as well as an external part where outsiders feel that Asians are only good at becoming doctors and engineers. There's also some of the "bamboo ceiling" theory going on, but that's even more complex and I'll save that for another day.

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