• David

    Do you realize that your article loses credibility when you start
    saying Lin should be drafted based on his dunk count and buzzer
    beaters? That is completely illogical and no real scout would ever use those statistics to judge a player.

    If you really want to help Jeremy get better pub, stop basing
    your arguments on silly points.

    Your heart is in the right place because he's a great player, but your methods need to be less biased and over the top.

  • poormanscommish

    I only put the dunk count in there to show that he's just as athletic as any of the other draft prospects. When you tell someone who's never heard of JL that he's athletic, they nod their head out of respect for you, but when you tell them he has as many dunks as Patrick Christopher, then they get it. Get it?

    As far as buzzer beaters, those are signs of leadership (and skill, but mostly leadership). Maybe you need to play ball more in rec leagues and stuff. Who takes your team's last shots? Not always is it the best player. You have to WANT to take that last shot. The ball has to be in your hands, your teammates need your respect for them to get you the ball. Finally, you actually have to make those shots. If you don't, it all goes down the drain and you are not a "special" player.

    In short, special players take and hit buzzer beaters on a fairly consistent basis.

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